Bathroom Towel Rails: Importance Unveiled

Whether you already have one or not, the bathroom towel rail is the bathroom accessory which is becoming a necessity as of late. Ever since they first appeared in the late 80s in Sweden, towel rails keep on growing in popularity worldwide. Although we have usually seen them mostly in hotels, more and more people are applying the practicality of the bathroom towel rails in their homes.

What makes them so desirable and important in modern day bathrooms? A bathroom towel rail means warm towels (yes, even immediately after getting out of the bathtub or shower cabin). This, we can be safe to say, is self-explanatory. I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t want to roll up in warmth right after a bath, right?

The great thing of having a bathroom towel rail is that it is also perfect for drying clothes. If there are more members in your household, or if you want to make more use of the towel rail, you can opt for a bigger one and have both your towels and clothes drying at the same time. Nowadays, more designs are emerging on the market thus there are plenty of bathroom towel rails to choose from, varying in shapes and sizes. You can even use them to give your bathroom a stylistic touch.

Bathroom Towel Rails

They come in all dimensions (differing in height and width) so they can fit every bathroom, be it tiny or large. The additional advantage, which is also another reason why sales of towel rails are increasing, is having your bathroom warm. Even if their main purpose is not heating the bathroom specifically, they can considerably add up to it. If your bathroom is small, you will manage to heat it even with a smaller towel rail. Bathroom towel rails are designed to satisfy every taste, from the more casual or classy, to the utmost avant-garde and they come in all prices. You could turn your bathroom luxurious just by adding the right towel rail without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

When buying towel rails, you have to know there are two types: the electric and the hydronic. The electric, as the name itself suggests, function through electricity, whereas the hydronic have to be connected with your heating system (water heater) and use running hot water. Some newer models work with a combination of both. It should not worry you that the rail would much affect your electricity bill, but it is advisable to buy a timer. It will both save you money and energy (you can switch the towel rail off when no one is at home).

The efficiency of towel rails is proving to be very important for the household which is why bathrooms are no longer the only rooms where you can use them. Some models are designed for cloakrooms and kitchens. If this is not convincing enough, there is a reason more to have in mind about their usefulness. Towel rails prevent accidents with slippery floors and wet towels, plus save you from bacteria thriving in moist conditions.