Bentwood Kitchen Stools: The Important Pieces for Timeless Interior Décor

We live in a time of trends emerging then disappearing, some reemerging, others gone forever so it’s safe to say it’s easy to lose the sense of what your taste is. This can be confusing not only when it comes to choosing your outfits but your furnishings too and you risk ending up with a home that looks like someone else’s home, an interior décor that practically has nothing to do with you and would be outdated in a flash.

bentwood styish kitchen stools

The trouble with interiors is you get to live in them, day in and day out, so the last thing you should want to have around is something that you bought just because it’s trendy so the key to getting a timeless interior is to go for classy options, like the bentwood kitchen stools perfect for a kitchen island, bar or simply a table no matter its shape. It’s the kind of elegance that goes with anything and you could even have fun mixing and matching the stools, getting different colours.

A usual fixture of the 19th century cafés in Paris, Vienna and Berlin, their charms certainly suit the homes too as they’re available in more designs and you won’t have to spend much money to acquire them considering nowadays there are lots of options of replica that are surprisingly durable and of quality much like the original. Though they’re often viewed as French style pieces because of the popularity they reached in France, they were created by Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian cabinet maker and happen to be some of the most famous chair designs ever thanks to their harmonious balance of style and simplicity stemming from the impeccable symmetry.

The bentwood kitchen stools go well with any style you pair them with so you won’t have to buy a new table especially for them, they’re great with Scandi home décors as much as they are with contemporary, traditional, vintage or eclectic, and you get to further customise them if you aren’t up for the bare look with the help of comfy cushions. In need of an accent chair? Fret not as the bentwood stools can be just what you needed to refresh the living room or entry and you can add a touch of your own by decorating them with a throw, use it with plant pots, instead of a magazine holder, or even in the bedroom as a replacement for a sideboard where you can place your bedside lamp or books so it’s multi-use and space-savvy.