Buying Nursery Furniture Most Important Factors Explained

Nothing in life compares to the excitement of a baby’s arrival, especially if it is the first newborn in the family. All those preparations can be super fun and challenging as you’d need to prepare a room for your lovey, thus, you’d need to visit a variety of nursery shops, buy different furniture pieces and other additional baby equipment. But before making the final decision of buying, there are some key points you need to consider.

nursery furniture

Dear mummies, it is always a good idea to find good deals which will help you save up a bit while on your furniture shopping spree. Here’s a friendly advice – buy nursery furniture online. Sorry, but you are not going to find the really great deals at the mall. The biggest bargains are on the Internet, mainly because you can easily search and compare prices and visit different shops. Also, where you buy nursery furniture online matters a lot; thus, make sure you find a well established and a reliable retailer from which you will purchase all your needed items to ensure a peace of mind. To help you on your shopping journey, I have compiled a list of the basic baby furniture pieces you should get prior to your baby’s arrival.

  • Crib – The first four to six months your baby will sleep in a crib, so it is important to invest in a quality one that meets all safety specifications. This furniture piece is recommended for the first months of a baby’s life because it offers a small sleeping space and thus, makes the newborn feel more secure. Once your baby starts to crawl and tries to sit, it is time to move him to a cot.
  • Cot – Here you have two options – you can choose either a fixed one or a travel cot. The first one offers a high level of safety, it has an easy access – with one drop side, which means you can put your baby to sleep without waking it up. Almost all available models come with adjustable bases enabling you to change the height according to your baby’s needs. Travel cots also have numerous great features – they are lightweight, portable and ideal in case you want to take your baby with you on a trip. Once your little cupcake grows older you can use the cot as a playing area.
  • Mattress – Quality sleep plays a very important role in your baby’s development, hence the importance of investing in a high quality mattress. For the ultimate support and quality sleep choose a mattress made of organic cotton as this type is breathable and allergy-free – just the right choice for the overall well-being of your baby.
  • Change table – The top considerations when buying a change table is to make sure the piece is stable, sturdy and that the locking mechanisms are in a great working condition. A table that comes with roll-off protection is always a good choice as you’ll know your baby is safe anytime you lay him down for a change of clothes.
  • Toy box – Be them toys for when he is more grown up or baby toys that are right for his age, you have to make sure they are safely stored in a toy box. When looking for the right box consider models that do not have a lid, or at least that come with a removable and lightweight one. You do not want your little one to struggle to take his favourite toy and get hurt while removing the lid eventually. Think about it.
  • Storage – You will be surprised by the fact how many pieces of clothing, accessories and other baby products you will buy in only a few months. So, when you buy nursery furniture online, make sure you purchase pieces that will provide you with the required storage space.