A Game of Design Chess: Console Table Positions That Bring Advantage

Because of their versatility and many style options, console tables have become a timeless addition to almost any home. This is mainly due to the fact that they deliver maximum visual impact while taking up minimal space. In light of that, let’s see how you can make use of their versatility, appeal and function.

One of the more obvious ways in which you can use a console table is by placing it in the entryway. It will leave a good first impression on your guests and will act as a focal point. Moreover, it can be useful for key storage and other knickknacks. The most widely used combo for this space that goes well with console tables is patterned ottomans beneath it and mirror above.

Scandinavian living room design

But, for those of you who like thinking outside the box, the console table can be a perfect addition to the living room. For instance, you can use a console table as a TV stand. By doing so, you will certainly succeed in making the console table noticeable and very useful. For an optimal result, look for one with clean lines, and for additional warmth and aesthetic appeal to your room, you can borrow the concept of Scandinavian living room design which translates into passing on all other materials and going straight for the wooden console tables.

Just be advised, not all wooden console tables are created equal. Console tables that are made to last are most often made of solid timber as opposed to those made of oak veneer or medium-density fibreboard. This makes the product stronger, heavier and of much higher quality. Since the TV would not be the only thing that you are going to place on the console table, it is important for you to know that solid timber is more robust than other materials and the joints can withstand greater impact and weight. By implementing such a console table, you room will instantly get a little bit of the Scandinavian living room design charm. Another perk that comes with this design style is that it can easily blend with other styles as well.

If you already have a TV stand that you like and wouldn’t want to replace it, that’s okay. There are other ways in which you can implement a console table in your living room and still keep it stylish and useful. One additional option may be to place it under some artwork. If you are an art lover or collector you can make a perfect mix of your favourite piece of art with a stylish wooden console table underneath. The table will not compete with the art, it will, in fact, visually ground it. Finally, you can place the console table to simply fill in an empty space. If you have a larger living room, a console table may serve as a divider, meaning you can create a more intimate area in an otherwise big, open room.