The Importance of Timeless Design: Home Design Trends That Are Ageless

When it comes to designing a home, one can easily be pulled into the direction of the latest design trends. Like fashion, home décor crazies are constantly changing to express the style of the time. But just like fashion, there is also a good deal of ‘little black dresses’ that never go out of style. These include simple décor pieces that stand the test of time, meaning they are never in or out of style but are classically elegant and tasteful to keep your home looking good, no matter what is in trend.Shutters

Plantation Shutters

While there is a variety of styles and materials of window treatments, the best designs are the ones that have endured over the years. For example, plantation shutters are an elegant window dressing that is always in fashion. They offer light as well as view-blocking flexibility and suit a range of design s which makes them perfect for contemporary homes, traditional homes, country cottages and even beach houses. The clean lines and white colour of plantation shutters always add a bright and breezy feel to a room and an undeniable curb appeal as well.

White Kitchen

Simplicity is often the secret to achieving a classic look that remains vibrant and durable and relevant as a part of your home décor. A white kitchen, for example, whether outfitted with modern accents or traditional details, will stand the test of time. To create a kitchen space that is to look contemporary for decades to come, opt for streamlined cabinetry and fixtures paired with neutral walls and hardwood floors.

Vintage Finds

According to design experts, there is a rule that is sure to remain true: “Every room of a home needs a unique vintage piece”. Even if your taste is more contemporary, a vintage furniture piece makes a great focal point in any room.


Carpet comes and goes in design popularity, but rugs placed on top of hard-surface floors are always in style. In addition to serving as a protective floor covering, rugs also give a home a comfortable and welcoming feeling. A Persian rug design with a detailed pattern is a great option to add a cozy touch to a modern or traditional space.

Built-in Shelving

In addition to offering utility without the need of extra furniture built-in shelving can be a great selling point in case you decide to move. If you have lots of books stored in boxes, one nice way to display them can be on a built-in shelf. This will give your room a romantically worn feel of a classic in-home library.

Ambient Lighting

This is a small design change that can add a huge visual impact to a room. For example, a modern floor lamp or a traditional crystal chandelier makes for an instant statement and is also a simple way to express your personal style.