The Holy Bible: Important Reading If You Want to Understand More of Life

Can you imagine what life would be like without books? Despite all the electronics we have nowadays to distract us, grabbing our attention, it wouldn’t be the same if not for a book to read and immerse in its world. Even buying books is a special event on its own. As Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinian writer and translator, once said: “I have always imagined heaven will be a kind of library.” Elevating books to that level gives them an important role in people’s lives; they feed a person’s soul same way food does with the body and there really is no book that can do so more than the Bible.


Breaking sales records as well as those of worldwide translations, the book spreading the word of God constantly keeps gathering readers. This is what makes the Holy Bible a treasure worthy to own. There are all sorts of editions one can find, certain ones are convenient for studies, others ideal for taking notes, and then there are also those perfect for children with their illustrations and explanations, all it takes is finding the one suitable for you. Just the thought that about 40 men had contributed to writing it in a span from 1500 BC to 100 AD, helping God’s love reach out to people of all ages and nations, century after century, shows its power.

Though many would say it’s the book meant for Christians, it doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, or if your religion is other than Christianity, the wise words and stories contained within the pages of the Holy Bible make it a must-read for everyone who wishes to understand more of the meaning of life and learn how to reap the benefits of the power of belief. Since we can’t exactly say we’re immune to the modern way of life, we can’t entirely admit we’re leading lifestyles that are all that focused on maintaining the true values. This is where the Bible comes in handy, showing us how to choose right from wrong, how to help others and see the consequences of certain decisions that don’t only affect us but those around as well.

It’s through the verses of this book that we learn of both God and Christ’s love and sacrifices, about life and death, erring, repentance, forgiveness and shows us we’re all the same, no matter the era. That’s what makes it a universal book and worth having in your library. Whenever you need to get that relaxation from a stressful day, read a psalm and you’d get the energy you require.