How Important Is Shopping For Ladies

girl-goes-shoppingThere is no woman who doesn’t love shopping and does not feel happy after a long shopping therapy. Shopping is probably one of the most important things in every woman’s life and recent study showed that shopping brings more pleasure than sex. In fact, 55% of women said that a day spent shopping makes them feel more happy than being intimate with their partners, even though 10% of all purchased items never go out of the closet. 11% of respondents said that shopping is always better than sex, regardless of the circumstances.

Several studies foreign psychologists have conducted showed that shopping mania is genetically “embedded” in women. The reason is that women are subconsciously trying to stock up with things for just-in-case situations. Besides ­this, they want to look good and feel desired. These are just few of the main reasons why shopping is so important to women.

How Important Is Shopping For Ladies

Nowadays, many women prefer the new way of shopping – online shopping. It’s convenient, easy and without stress. You can shop while cooking or when resting on your sofa; shopping-is-cheaer-than-therapywhile reading a magazine in the bed, etc. You can shop without the need to get all prettied up; to drive for kilometers and look for parking, wait in line….you can escape all this with just few click. It is also convenient for presents shopping online. This means that you can find online any gift you like for your dear friends or family members. The only thing you need to do is conduct a small research on all available products, compare their prices and find the right gift for a recipient. So, if you are invited to a birthday party and have to buy a present, go online and get the best gift for the best price. This is the best way for buying jewelry or limited edition products as well.

However, if you want to feel your adrenaline pumping then the perfect medication would be shopping with friends. Going out and shopping with your best friends is the best thing that can happen to any woman. According to some statistics, the best day for shopping is Saturday, because the working ladies are at home and the mothers can leave their children with their husbands. The ideal time for shopping is after breakfast, after 10:30 am. Therefore, have a cup of coffee and a quick bite and enjoy your SHOPPING-TIME!

No matter which kind of shopping you go for, online shopping or the traditional one with friends, the important thing is that you will feel rejuvenated and happy. So, don’t wait, go out or turn on a computer and treat yourself with something new! Happy shopping day! 🙂