The Importance of Having a Good Makeup Mirror for Your Pre-Show Preparations

Ladies just love spending time in front of their mirror doing their makeup and just making themselves looking flawless. And who would blame them – we all love looking our best. Lighting plays a great role in how good you apply your makeup, hence the invention of the portable light up makeup mirror. These small accessories are commonly used by ballerinas, providing a clear and bright reflexion wherever they go.

portable light up makeup mirror

Light up makeup mirrors can be found in different types. The wall-mounted models are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. The benefit of this type is that the mirror leaves more free desk space for your makeup and all the small things that you need by your side when getting ready for the day. However, wall light up mirrors are fixed in one place so you can’t really adjust them to suit your needs.

The portable light up makeup mirror, however, enables you to do everything that you can’t with the previous model. It comes in a variety of different designs and colours. The portable light up makeup mirror is an especially handy accessory that ballerinas can easily throw in their competition bag and use it to fix their look in an instant. For more convenient use, choose a design that allows for at least two different standing positions. With one click of the screen button, you can activate the lights and transform your simple unlighted mirror into a bright one. Here are some reasons to invest in a portable model.

Perfect makeup application

Generally, the lights in the house are installed at the centre of the ceiling. This means that they create shadows and project light towards the mirror which further reflects on your face. This may cause you to leave spots on your face or even apply an excessive amount of makeup due to the poor lighting in the room. A compact light up makeup mirror, however, will project the light right onto your face helping you create that flawless look.


Our eyes have a tendency to overwork when they are in poor lighting conditions. Over time, this can lead to fatigue, headaches and reduced concentration. Simply said, poor lighting is the major contributor to eyestrain. If not treated properly and on time, this condition can also result in reduced concentration which can seriously affect your productivity. Women are at an increased risk of developing eyestrain due to regular use of mirrors. The portable light up makeup mirror is your best ally in avoiding this condition and preserving your well-being.


These mirrors vary in price depending on their type but still, buying one will not break your bank. You can buy a decent model at a reasonable price and make your daily beauty routines that much easier. With a portable light up mirror, you can rest assured that your makeup is on point no matter where you are.