Importance Of Industrial Water Cooler Systems For Industrial Applications

An industrial water cooler is a refrigeration apparatus, used in industrial environments to produce cold water for cooling the industrial process machinery. The industrial water cooler is a system consisted of a refrigeration equipment: condenser, refrigerant, coolant expansion reservoir, pumps, pipes and other elements. This system cools the water to temperatures around 20°C and pumps it through a hydraulic circuit all the way to the process equipment.

Cold water is used in many industries for various applications, and there are many ways of cooling water. However, the industrial water coolers are becoming the favorite solution for many Australian companies that use process machinery. These systems offer more advantages when compared with all other methods for cooling water. The main advantage of the industrial water cooler is that it supplies water with the required temperature, regardless of the ambient condition and operator’s load request.


The water is becoming a valuable natural resource, so operators need to treat it carefully and to prevent as much water wastage as possible. The industrial water coolers operate in a closed circuit and use the same water time and time again to prevent water wastage. Also, some of the newest industrial water coolers are equipped with innovative features for greater water savings. The newest industrial water cooler systems have been designed to meet the high-demands of the food, chemical, laser, plastics, air conditioning and many other industry sectors.

The industrial water cooler systems provide a safe operation. Each cooler system can be operated uninterruptedly for various industrial applications, because they come with multiple compressors and twin independent refrigeration circuits with automation rotation. With optional safety features, these cooler systems provide a peace of mind for experienced and novice users.

Most industrial water cooler systems can circulate up to 400 tons of water. The cheapest industrial water cooler is priced around $2,000, but the newest and more efficient cooling systems cost a little bit more. Since most industrial water cooler systems have a big and unusual design, they are usually stored on the roof of the industrial facility, but controlled from the inside.