The Importance of Having Your Own Scuba Gear

Have you ever stopped with whatever you were doing and just marvelled at the flock of birds passing by in the sky? I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys that sight of freedom, seeing them conquer great heights with their wings as they watch the world from a perspective different from ours. As I found myself enjoying that sight of freedom one day, it made me wonder in what way could I achieve that until I remembered I already have by scuba diving. To me, it seems comparable because whenever I’d found myself in the ocean depths before I could recall having the same sense of freedom seeing underwater creatures making their way gracefully.


This was the moment I decided to make room for scuba diving in my busy schedule and took things seriously by purchasing my own bits and pieces of equipment. Shopping for scuba gear in Australia is a fun experience, one that won’t leave you empty handed, because the choices specialised shops provide are bountiful both in styles and materials they’re made of, and the warranty services are convenient. While I hadn’t considered making this step before, now that I have I’d recommend it to everyone passionate about diving. Why? Well, the reasons are plenty. Though you may think the better, and more budget convenient option, is renting (something I can understand since I used to think like you), you get to save more eventually by purchasing.

There are plenty of places with scuba gear in Australia where you can rent, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equally committed to constantly maintaining it and keeping it in perfect order. I’ve had my share of wearing all sorts of gear, both in good shape and worn out, and nothing beats the feeling of having your own. I suppose partly this is due to safety, the feeling of wearing gear that’s your ideal fit, which is something important especially when you find yourself in the very depths you haven’t thought of going before and gear malfunction, be it with your mask, wetsuit or BCD, is not something you want to be experiencing.

Speaking of safety, wearing your personal gear can give you extra protection since you get to learn how to take care of every piece properly, maintain it, and know how it functions so you are aware of everything – something essential in times of emergency. Even rookies and people who aren’t that passionate about diving are advised to have their own equipment because when you own it, there are more chances you’d get to use it and that’s how a passion is formed; the passion for more adventures and getting to see the world from a different perspective.