The Importance of Organic Products for You and Your Baby’s Health

The arrival of a little one in the family is always a joyous time that starts as soon as the parents-to-be discover the surprise, and wait for the months to pass, to welcome the new family member. While expectant mummies have their concerns about the time of labour, after giving birth they discover it was only the tip of the iceberg of concerns, since there’s the responsibility of taking care of someone else’s life now.


Babies are delicate, and as parents we do the best we can to protect them from all harm. However, there’s also the intangible harm that we’re not always aware of: that of toxins. Since babies spend months in the womb where it’s sterile, getting into the world requires getting used to it, building a strong immune system, and it’s up to us to create a safe and sound growing environment for them, toxins-free by opting for all-things-organic, starting from skincare organic baby products. This would help you reduce the dangers of respiratory issues, and allergies of your baby.

Having in mind how sensitive the baby skin is, and how different it is from that of adults, in the way it easily absorbs and loses moisture due to being much thinner, without the developed skin barriers, we can provide the much-needed nourishment to keep it soft, and add to the overall health of our babies, by ditching products full of chemicals and opting for certified organic baby products, low on allergens, created to soothe and strengthen the tender skin through massaging and bathing.


The moisturising and calming effects of this sort of skin products can relax your bundle of joy which is why it’s advisable to use them particularly before bedtime. The choice of organic products goes for mummies as well, especially throughout the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as everything is transferred to the baby. Of course, if you want to get the optimal results, this includes organic dieting as well.

Instead of opting for the GMO, or conventionally-grown products, full of toxins, due to fertilisers and pesticides, enriching your, and your baby’s diet with organic products can only be beneficial, as they are the healthier, tastier, and eco-friendly choice. Apart from being free of artificial colours, flavours, antibiotics, and hormones, organic food products are also limited on allergen ingredients, come in BPA-free packaging, and provide sustainable farming, protecting the Earth.

Don’t forget to include changes with the wardrobes as well, paying more attention to the fabrics, and their properties. There’s a reason organic bamboo has made quite a stir in the healthy trends, and is the preferred option, with superior properties to other fabrics, including cotton. Taking into account how durable, soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic (anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial), moisture wicking, thermo-regulating, and breathable it is, you’d only consider buying bamboo bedding, and clothing for your baby.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy planet equal organic choices. Investing in organic, you’d only save more money in the long run, and most importantly, stay healthy.