The Importance of Proper Care for Coloured Hair

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Maintaining a regular hair care routine that’s appropriate for your hair type is important as it can make a huge difference regarding how you hair looks and feels. Colour treated hair in particular needs a little extra attention to ensure that the colour lasts longer and stays healthy. After all, you don’t want to spend big bucks at the hair salon for the colour that you like just to have it fade after a few weeks. Apart from that, coloured hair is also more prone to damage which means extra care is always welcome. If that’s your case, here’s what you can do.

Get The Right Products

When buying a shampoo it’s important that it addresses coloured hair. Specialised hair grooming products for coloured hair use ingredients to help seal in the colour, reduce fading, boost shine and repair the damage caused by colouring. Also it’s always a better option to go for sulphate-free shampoos since sulphate based hair grooming products are much tougher on the scalp and can strip the colour making the hair look dull and cause it to fade quickly. Also, make sure you also condition your colour-treated hair every time you wash it with a colour-protecting conditioner, as deep conditioning is the most proactive step you can take in order to provide intense moisture. You can pair the conditioner with the brand’s corresponding shampoo for best results.

Shampoo Less Frequently

If you want your hair colour to last longer, washing it every day is something you should avoid. Every time you wash your hair, you wash away a little bit of the colour. But obviously you still want your hair to look full and refreshed. This is where dry shampoos come into play. They can be a real blessing when you don’t want to wash your hair often or you are just short on time.

Avoid Heat

Hair that has been dyed is already quite fragile, so regular heat styling can furthermore add to this. What you can do is learn to love your natural hair texture and don’t dry, iron or curl your hair too often. Also, it’s important to avoid hot water when washing it, as hot water weakens the hair and makes the colour fade faster.

Finally, if you are colouring your hair just to cover pesky grey hair, you might want to try a different approach, like applying a hair mascara that won’t damage your hair. These mascaras can be easily applied to your hairline, sideburns and new growth to cover grey strands or revive dull highlights. It can add pigment to your hair in your preferred shade and therefore blend well with your natural hair colour.