The Importance of Solar Energy for Our Homes

As people of the 21st century, we’re no strangers to consumerism. Sure, consumerism has made it possible for us to stay in touch with technology and its continuous upgrades, welcome all the products in our homes, but that’s also what’s made us lose touch with the basics of human life and what’s at the very essence for running our households – the energy. There’s no point in denying most of us today are unaware of the carbon footprint we leave behind which is damaging our planet, and in turn makes energy all the more expensive.


The way out of this would be to turn to usage of renewable energy sources, or to say it simply to turn to nature and its ways and what better option than to choose the sun and its might. Unlike when solar power first started to be used, it’s much more affordable nowadays to make your home solar dependable and go off the grid. The vast options of solar panel parts and components certainly makes it easier to implement this energy efficient solution in your home. Considering solar power is natural and renewable, it helps improve public health by not producing any pollution, and in turn helps protect the waste of other natural resources that aren’t exactly renewable, such as the fossil fuel.

Taking all this into account, solar energy can help you save on electricity, immediately after installing the solar panel parts and components. Since it’s modular, you can install as many panels as you wish, having in mind every new kilowatt of more solar capacity adds to your electricity savings. Even if you end up producing more energy than you can spend, there are local utility companies that would pay you to use your extra generated energy. This means what you pay when you invest in this energy source will more than pay off eventually and even add to the value of your home – something that’s crucial in case there’d come a day when you’d want to sell your home.

So, not only would you reduce the green gas emissions (those responsible for severe weather and global warming), you’d also become energy independent and go completely off grid, not paying a dollar on electricity bills. When you have this power system installed, you’d join the solar revolution happening in Australia and become one of seven homes that rely on this renewable source to run the household.

The way the solar systems work is they rely on solar panel cells to collect the sun’s photons, then create the DC electric field and use an inverter to invert it to AC, making it usable for appliances, with an output of 250 to 260W. Even when there isn’t sun, as in throughout the night or cloudy days, there is enough energy that’s stored in a battery to supply your household with, and that’s what makes this source so revolutionary.