The Importance of Tooth Fillings for One’s Health

Going to the dentist may not be the most pleasant experience in the world, but it is definitely necessary. When it comes to tooth fillings in particular, there are some important reasons why you shouldn’t avoid or postpone this procedure. If your tooth is only partly damaged, getting a filling will prevent the rest of your tooth from decaying. A dental filling is a dental restoration made to artificially restore the function, anatomy and integrity of teeth that have been damaged by trauma or decay. Fillings can prevent other parts of your teeth to be affected by the damaged areas thus ensuring long-term solution.

One of the more common reasons for a dental filling is dental decay – when the cavity has affected the inner structure of the tooth, thus exposing it to bacteria. If the inner part of the tooth has been damaged, it can lead to severe pain and infection. Avoiding treatment to the cavities can lead to even more complications and for this reason it should be done as soon as the problem is noticed. If left untreated the situation will continue to worsen becoming so bad that tooth extraction might be necessary.

Other roles that tooth fillings have is restoring the function of the tooth. When the decayed part of the tooth is removed, it is important to fill in the space as to make sure the tooth maintains its natural shape. The dental filling is there to limit the damage and decay that has happened so that no additional problems arise in future. This can also prevent infections from spreading to the healthy part of your tooth. High-quality fillings are very durable and last a long time. However, there are times when a filling should be replaced – this is usually required if a filling is old and then you should consider replacing since it might crack or break.

Before beginning the procedure for dental filling treatment, your dentist will investigate the current state of your dental health and determine which treatment is required for your situation. Finally, it is important to mention that in some cases, it is better to choose a dental crown instead of a dental filling. For instance, if a larger portion of your tooth has been damaged, then it is better to have a crown installed instead, as it restores the structure of the tooth much better. Your dentist can give suggestions whether you need dental fillings or maybe you should consider other alternatives.