Important Baby and Toddler Feeding Tools

If you’re a parent of a baby or a toddler, you know that feeding can be messy sometimes. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing the meal you worked so hard on all over the floor. But with the right feeding tools, you can avoid many of the common problems parents face while trying to feed their little ones. There are all kinds of feeding supplies on the market that have the power to make the feeding process easy for you and enjoyable for your little one.

Baby Bibs


Baby Bibs for Staying Clean

Baby bibs are the most essential part of your baby’s feeding routine. But in the first few months, they also come in handy during the rest of the day. In the beginning (0-6 months), your baby is going to need only a regular cloth bib for the drools and any throwup. They come in different shapes, designs and colours and are very easy to wash after use. As for later, when your baby starts eating different types of solid foods in addition to milk, you’re going to need a baby bib that has the power to prevent food from finding its way onto your baby’s new clothes, on the chair, on the floor and on the carpet.

One good option is the coverall baby bibs made from extra-soft and waterproof material. These types of bibs have a clever design that can cover the whole feeding table in order to keep your baby and the surroundings dry and stain-free during the feeding. The bib is lightweight and comfortable to wear, so it will be a pleasant experience for your little one.

Bibs come in many colours and designs so they can be a stylish addition to your baby’s cute outfits too. After every feeding, the bib needs to be thoroughly washed and dried. You can even do that in a washing machine.

If you have something else in mind rather than the cloth bibs, you can get bibs made from silicone. Silicone bibs are super soft and pleasant on your baby’s skin. And let’s not forget their main feature. Silicone bibs are so easy to clean! All you need is warm water and soap. The silicone bib is stain resistant while at the same time offering top-notch protection. Silicone bibs made for babies shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals and should be tested and approved for safe use.

Another popular option is the bandana bib that looks super stylish and does a great job. Most bandana bibs are made double-sided giving you the option to switch sides if the front becomes dirty. This is really handy as I’m sure you don’t want to be changing the bib so often. Aside from having an additional layer, bandana baby bibs are made from pleasant and soft materials that won’t irritate your baby’s gentle skin. It’s recommended to choose one made from bamboo fabric because this material is super absorbent, sustainable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Coverall Baby Bibs


Baby Bottles and Milking Equipment for Making Feeding Easy

There are many important things you need to know about baby formula and breastfeeding. But whatever you do, make sure you have plenty of baby bottles at hand. Babies need to be fed a lot more often throughout the day than adults do, and having only a single bottle isn’t practical, so get yourself a small collection.

When it comes to materials, you can choose baby bottles made from plastic, glass or stainless steel. The plastic bottles are lightweight and cheap, but also less durable than glass and stainless steel. They can get damaged and scratched easily so you have to be extra careful while cleaning them. Glass bottles on the other hand might be the best option because glass is very durable and easy to clean. You’ll only need to replace the glass bottle if you notice cracks.

The stainless steel bottle is the favourite among parents because despite being durable it maintains the temperature of the milk. It may cost a bit more, but once you get it you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Now, if you’re breastfeeding you’re going to need milking equipment too. That includes a breast pump, breast milk storage bags, a cooler and plenty of bottles.

Baby Bottles


Portable Sterilisers for All the Feeding Equipment

Everything you use in the process of feeding your little bundle of joy has to be properly cleaned and sterilised. It’s recommended to sterilize the baby bottles at least once a day. The reason behind this is the baby’s weak immune system in the first couple of months.

For that purpose, you can get a portable sterilizer that is compact and easy to use and make your job a lot easier. Portable sterilisers can be charged by a battery or an electrical wall plug and some are really fast when it comes to finishing a cycle. You can have your bottles and breast pumping equipment clean and sterilized in less than 5 minutes. Some also have a drying feature included meaning that they also dry everything up. If you get a model that has a “holding” feature included that means that you can leave the bottles and everything else inside for up to 24 hours.

As for the size of the sterilisers, most of them are quite small and you can easily place yours on a countertop and take it with you on the go whenever needed.

Durable Bowls and Soft Spoons Once You Move Onto Solids

Kids never stay put and they don’t stop being active not for one minute even while they are eating. As a parent, you may come across many situations when your toddler throws the bowl on the ground or turns it over on the eating table or simply plays around with it. This can create quite a mess that you’ll have to clean up later.

But, there are ways you can avoid that. For instance, you can pick silicone plates that stick well to a smooth surface and are difficult for toddlers to move around, turn over or throw. On the plus side, silicone bowls are durable and easy to clean.

To match your silicone bowls you can also get silicone spoons. Silicone-made spoons are soft and flexible but also shock-resistant and with a firm grip. This kind of spoon is perfect for little kids that are trying to eat on their own, and you won’t have to worry if they will hurt their gums because, as I said, silicone is perfectly soft and suitable for toddlers’ gentle gums.

Baby Girl Eating


Why Is a Feeding Chair Important?

The feeding chair makes your job a lot easier while at the same time teaching your child routine and independence. The feeding chair is specially designed to fit plates, bowls and bottles so that everything your toddler needs is right in front of them.

The design of the chair is made having your child’s comfort in mind and their safety too. You can feed your toddler without having to worry if it somehow manages to slip and fall. Afterwards, you won’t have a big mess to clean which additionally saves you time.