Travelling with Your Dog? Don’t Forget These Important Things

Having a dog is one of the most awesome things ever. Dogs are some of the most loving and grateful creatures in the whole world, so keeping them safe and sound is our obligation as owners. Except on a daily basis, dogs need to be treated right and entertained when travelling as well. Whether going on a long or short distance travell, packing the right essentials for your dog is crucial. According to experienced dog owners, keeping your dog satisfied and calm is the key to having a stress-free trip.

Travel Bowls

Nothing can be more annoying than travelling with a hungry dog. The barking, fussiness and constant movement may prevent you from driving properly. This is why taking food and a travel bowl with you is a must. These bowls make it easy to keep your dog’s food and water dishes in place. Just like the regular type of food and water bowls, these are also available in a range of materials (metal, plastic, hard-wearing silicone), designs, colours, sizes and shapes. This allows you to choose the ones that can meet yours and your dog’s personal needs and preferences. Depending on the brand and model, some of these bowls may also come with extra storage space for food.

Note: Make sure you pack his favourite food/treats and water, as the bowls won’t be much of a use without them.

dog eating from travel bowl

Dog Travel Carrier

Without a doubt, crates are the safest way to travel with a dog. Depending on your needs and space, you can choose from a collapsible fabric dog travel carrier, a plastic carrier with metal mesh door or a collapsible metal wire dog crate. All of them are available in a range of sizes, shapes and heights so that you can choose the ideal type for your dog. An important thing to have in mind is to always look for a comfortable dog travel carrier, regardless of how short or long your journey is. To make things even comfier, you can invest in a double-coated bed. These cushions will not only make your dog’s travel comfier but will make the overall crate maintenance easier. When needed, toss them in the machine and you will have the crate always clean.

In case you are new to this and don’t have a dog carrier, experts recommend carefully considering all of the options. For instance, if your dog likes to chew and scratch things, the metal ones are the most convenient option for such dogs. Although the plastic of plastic crates is extremely durable and hard, some dogs can find ways to work their teeth through the plastic. The last important thing to have in mind when buying a new dog crate is to make sure that the chosen one has enough ventilation – air openings. This is essential so your dog can get enough air which is paramount when travelling for a longer period of time.

cyclist with dog travel carrier

Leash, Collar & Tags

No matter how obedient or not your dog is, letting your dog off-leash can be dangerous. For instance, you are sure to make road breaks in areas that will be new and fascinating for your dog. This unexplored terrain can make even the most calm and lazy dogs overly excited, so it’s best to keep it on a leash to avoid any problems. Additionally, the travel tag can not only helpful in case a dog gets lost, but they are required by the law.

Vaccination Records

You might not need it when travelling the states of Australia, but it’s best to always carry with you your dog’s vaccination records. It’s better to be ready than sorry, right?! These records won’t only serve you when crossing an international border, but you can find them beneficial in a case of an emergency.

Anxiety Supplements

If your dog is one of the many that feel anxious when they’re in one same place for a longer period of time, or when around new people, keeping it calm is essential. Although sometimes toys can be great for soothing dogs, usually more than this will be needed for calming your little furry friend. For this purpose, you can try giving your dog some hemp oil which can help in relieving your the anxiety during long-distance rides.

women giving a hemp oil to her dog

First-aid Kit

Bumps, bruises and scratches – all of these things are common things that can happen along the road. That’s why having a first-aid kit in hand is always a good idea. When buying a new one or renewing the old one, make sure it has tweezers for removing splinters and ticks, gauze bandages, tape, eye wash, antiseptic wipes, scissors and styptic powder for dogs (this one is great for stopping toenail bleeding).