Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Lift Kit

4×4 vehicles are some of the most modified vehicles on the market, due to their wide range of uses and flexibility. From bull bars that protect your front end to roof racks for extra storage and roll cages for partaking in races, there are dozens of different accessories and modifications you can add to your all-terrain 4×4. One of the most popular modifications that off-road enthusiasts perform on their 4×4 is the suspension lift kit. Unlike adding a bullbar and roof rack, where you only have to consider a proper fit to your 4×4, picking and installing a lift kit takes a lot of careful consideration. There are a few different types of lift kits available to 4×4 owners, and picking the right type for the application is crucial.

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The most popular type of lift kits is suspension kits, which suspend the entire vehicle’s body, frame and engine. Suspension kits are ideal for off-road performance, but it’s advisable to make small and steady adjustments because lifting your vehicle by a large margin can make it respond and handle differently when driving, which you want to avoid for your personal safety. Then, there are body kits that increase the distance between your vehicle’s frame and body. This lift kit involves thick polymers placed between the frame and the body of the vehicle, which will raise the vehicle’s overall height. However, worth noting is that these kits don’t increase ground clearance, but they allow you to install larger tyres. Lastly, levelling kits are designed for 4x4s that have their back higher than their front. These kits will even out the height of your 4×4, and are quite simple to install.

Regardless of which type of lift kit you end up going for, there are two basic factors you’ll need to consider – the function and style. These two functions are your main guide in purchasing a lift kit, simply because each kit has its own distinct purpose. Obviously, your vehicle is a reflection of your style, so you want to make a statement when you cruise on and off the streets. That being said, if you’re intending on driving your 4×4 on the road, for the most part, you’ll have to make sure you get a functional kit that won’t compromise your 4x4s handling and make it illegal to drive on the road.

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So what are the advantages of lift kits? Well, as aforementioned, you get different benefits depending on the type of kit you decide to go for. However, the general advantages you’ll get include increased clearance, which is extremely beneficial, especially for off-road driving, as it allows you to get a bigger distance between the road surface and your vehicle’s undercarriage. If you add shock and suspension upgrades, this will help you stay safe and sound even when driving over rough roads and damaged streets. Speaking of rough roads, a higher vehicle is extremely useful to people who want to conquer the toughest off-road terrains, whether that’s driving through rivers, climbing up sand dunes or steep hills. Basically, you get better clearance, a more robust ride, higher traction, and the ability to install larger tyres.

A lifted 4×4 with monster tyres beneath it is one of the coolest-looking things on the planet. There are many fans of modified 4x4s all over the world, especially Australia and the USA. Australia’s rough terrains and massive outback are the perfect places for getting the most out of your monster truck. However, any time you perform any type of modification on your vehicle and change its default configuration, you need to be careful about potential negative consequences. In the case of lift kits, they can affect the road-holding and the maximum safe operating angles can be reduced as a result of the raised centre of gravity. Further, your warranty will most likely become void if you install a lift kit, so make sure you’re fine with that before you make the decision. And of course, installing a lift kit, unlike most other modifications is not something you should do by yourself, especially if you have very little or no experience on the matter.

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Lastly, lift kits provide you with a smoother ride by evening out the load and offering superior comfort even when driving with a lot of cargo on your roof or trunk through difficult terrain. Additionally, you get better visibility of the path ahead of you, which is extremely useful in both off-road areas and congested urban zones. You’ll be able to spot potential dangers much sooner and get a better view of the scenery around you. In terms of functionality, you’ll get better access to your 4x4s underbody. This will make repairs and inspection much easier. Moreover, you’ll have an easier time towing and your 4×4 will be able to “squat” down without the bottom touching the road.