Important Facts to Consider When Choosing Flexible LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular for a wide variety of applications. This ingenious invention is a very versatile and convenient lighting solution, useful in countless situation. They come in different types, lengths, with a different number of lights, different light intensity etc., all of which makes them even more versatile. 

If you are looking to upgrade your caravan camping experiences, you should add LED tape to your list of important caravan accessories. Whether you need some mood or ambient background lighting, additional lighting source or you need to replace your fluorescent lighting, LED strips can be a great solution for your caravan. 

You can instal the LED strip under the cabinets, on the awning, on the steps, or anywhere you want. You can also use LED strip lights at home in many different ways to create some stunning effects. You can use them behind mirrors, on pieces of art or wall decorations, to line the counter or other piece of furniture, create lighting images, etc. 

Benefits of LED Strip Lights

There are many reasons to invest in LED tape light for your caravan or your home. This lighting solution can last a long time and it offers some incomparable advantages and stunning visual effects.

LED Lights Are Versatile

One very important benefit of LED light tapes is that they can be cut to length, meaning that they can be installed almost anywhere. Another great thing about LED strips is that since LED strips can be waterproof, so they can be installed outside safely. They come in many varieties in different qualities, which is why you should be careful when you decide to buy LED strip lights Australia or worldwide. 

waterproof led strip lights inside a pool

LED tapes provide a unique and visually appealing lighting source, with a beautiful glow. With LED technology improving all the time, this stunning lighting solution keeps getting better and reaching brighter capabilities. This means that you can find some quite strong options capable of emitting a lot of brightness. You can also find some with fewer lumens that are not so bright if that’s what you prefer, you can buy ones that offer colour changing LED lights or even dimmable camping LED strip lights. All of this means that you can use them to create different effects, like a pleasant, intimate atmosphere.

As we mentioned before, you can get different types of LED lighting tape. First of all, they come in different voltage, with a different number of lights per metre, which will have a huge impact on the strength, the intensity and the throw of the light. Secondly, the LED lights themselves come in different types. For instance, you can find LED lights in different colours, different wavelengths etc. Furthermore, some LED strips are more flexible than others.

Durable, Energy-Saving and Cost-Efficient 

energy-saving durable led strip lights

LED lights don’t only provide a more pleasant light than other types of lights, but they are also much more durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer them over other lights. Furthermore, they are much more energy-efficient. They don’t produce as much heat as other lights, and they emit more light. As a result, they require less energy, and lower energy consumption leads to a smaller carbon footprint, as well as smaller electricity bills or less money for batteries.

The biggest downside to LED lights is that they are more expensive than other lighting options. However, since they are so long-lasting, durable and energy-efficient, they are also cost-effective, meaning that the bigger initial investment is worth it. 

Easy to Install  

Since it can be cut to length and since it’s so flexible, it’s really easy to instal LED light tape wherever you want it. You simply need a clean, dry and level spot you can easily apply the strip, and add a beautiful ambience light. Many users find subtle and hidden spaces to add the lights for an interesting effect. This way the strip wouldn’t be visible, and you would still get the nice lights.

installing led strip lights

Final Thoughts 

When you are choosing LED strip lights for your caravan or for your home, before deciding which one you are going to buy, you need to make sure you know what type of LED lights you need, the colour, the brightness intensity etc. Once you know the type of light you want, you have to measure the place where you want to instal your LED strip, in order to get the right length. To be sure that you are making the right choice, you should learn as much as you can about the different options the store you’re considering to buy from offers and read all the available information.