Important Info on Infrared Blankets: Sweat What you Can’t Squat

As you probably know, sweating is a great way to get rid of body toxins and burn calories. Ironically though, it seems that many people want the end result without putting in the hard work of exercising, running or sticking to a healthy diet plan. Another popular way of shedding some kilos in the modern world of today, is using a sauna, or buying one for your home as a matter of fact. Now when a home sauna is mentioned, a lot of people automatically think of a steamy room full of hot rocks that’s expensive and difficult to properly maintain it. Little do they know that there are infrared saunas that produce light which directly heats up the body.

Infrared Blanket Benefits

Furthermore, there are infrared blankets in which you can wrap yourself up and reap all the benefits that you would in a traditional sauna. Some of the more notable infrared blanket benefits include muscle relaxation, stress and anxiety relief. Moreover, they detoxify the body and improve your overall well-being and health. Let’s discuss the infrared blanket benefits more in-depth.

Weight Loss

A lot of people use saunas to lose weight. The heat that’s generated by infrared saunas causes your core temperature and your heart rate to increase. This increased heart rate forces your body to work harder to maintain proper core temperature, which results in you losing calories, and ultimately weight. It’s estimated that you can lose about 600 calories throughout a 30 minute infrared sauna session.

Improved Circulation

Simultaneously, the heat from an infrared sauna improves your circulation. Consistent sessions can stimulate blood flow, decrease inflammation and speed up muscle recovery after working out. As a result, all muscle and joint pain can be relieved from the improved circulation.

Skin Purification

Infrared saunas can help you purify your skin by eliminating the toxins from your pores and increasing your blood circulation. This results in a softer, healthier and clearer-looking skin. And honestly, nothing makes a person look more beautiful than a moisturized and healthy skin.

Most infrared sauna blankets or mattresses have different levels: far, near and middle. These represent the different sizes of infrared wavelengths and the overall intensity of the treatment. People who want to heal wounds and increase their immune function, have found that near infrared levels work best. The ones who seek to increase their circulation and relax their muscles, opt for middle infrared levels. And people who want to detoxify their body, use far infrared levels.

If you’re new to infrared sauna treatments, it’s recommended that you start slow and work your way up to longer and more heat-intense sessions. Dedicating 15-30 minutes a day to infrared sauna treatments can greatly reduce stress and anxiety and improve your health in many other ways.