The Importance of Hydration Packs for Hikers

Hydration packs are pretty new in the hiking world, since not that long ago a standard water bottle or canteen worked good enough. These days technology has come up with a better way to carry your water around while hiking which is now known as a hydration pack. Sure water bottles will never disappear, but these hydration packs really come in handy. They make carrying around water a lot less awkward as well as making staying hydrated a lot easier. Below we will go over what they are, how they work, some of the benefits you get from using one, and why you should consider getting one.

A hydration pack is basically a bag of water which have a hydration system built into the pack. It has a drinking tube which is kind of like a long straw which allows the person carrying it to easily have a drink of water. It eliminates the need to stop and dig out a bottle of water from your backpack. The bag of water itself is also quite special as it is no ordinary bag. It is made out of a special plastic that you can completely freeze it without worrying about it cracking. It also doesn’t have that gross plastic after taste that you can sometimes taste in your water. This system is great for people who are active and on the move like hikers, there are so many added benefits which we will go over below.

Hydration Packs


One of the biggest advantages of hydration packs is that they make it so much easier to keep yourself hydrated. The drinking tube makes it really easy for you to take a sip whenever you want or need to. Anybody who hikes knows how much of a pain it can be to have to try and reach around to your external pocket or having to stop to search inside your backpack. So many hikers just don’t even stop which leaves them dehydrated so having this system will make sure hikers stay hydrated at all times.


They have been designed to be both sturdy and durable. They are made from a really tough plastic so you don’t have to worry about them leaking or accidentally puncturing it. That is unless you try to cut it with a knife, but unless you aren’t trying to cut it open then it should get punctured so easy. Another great thing about hydration packs is that they can be frozen which means you can take it out and let it melt on the trail meaning you will have cold water the whole way. Water bottles can be somewhat temperamental when it comes to being frozen. The plastic can easily crack especially if you will it right up to the top with water.


They come in so many different sizes and shapes meaning that you can choose which one you find most comfortable for your body, as well as one that is most suited to your hiking needs. They are not made from a hard material like a plastic water bottle is so while it may start off quite large they eventually shrink down as you drink them meaning you can easily pack it once it’s done. It is made from soft materials so that means you can easily squeeze it into corners in your backpack meaning it doesn’t take up much space like a water bottle does.


While it may seem somewhat pricier than a water bottle, it actually ends up paying itself off. While you may pay a little more at first for a hydration pack, think about all the water bottles you have bought over your lifetime and how much more you will probably buy if you are an active hiker. The costs really don’t even compare considering how long a hydration pack will actually last you.