How Important Is Mining Equipment Maintenance

The mining industry in Australia is responsible for a huge portion of the annual GDP, so all mining companies and businesses need to maintain their mining operations at optimum level in order to ensure that the productivity and revenues are high. This also includes minimizing the workers injuries and deaths, and keeping the mining equipment in good working condition. One useful way for all mining companies to enhance the mining operations, is to perform regular maintenance checks and inspections on their mining equipment.

The mining equipment is designed to withstand the highest levels of tear and wear, but however, even the most powerful mining equipment needs appropriate maintenance. A mining equipment that is not properly maintained and serviced regularly can’t deliver the desired performance and also is a threat to everybody on the mining site. The mining companies can hire in house technicians and engineers, or can use professional outdoor engineers to perform the regular maintenance. Generally, a strict maintenance schedule needs to be prepared, so that downtime and major breakdowns can be avoided. With regular maintenance, service and inspection checks, the mining companies can be sure that the mining equipment will be in excellent working condition for completing any mining task.

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Well maintained mining equipment can ensure that all operational processes are efficiently performed, and monthly or annual targets are successfully met. As stated above, if routine maintenance is not performed, the mining equipment is dangerous for the workers, especially for the mine workers who need to work closely to the machines. Furthermore, an absence of regular maintenance is very bad for the business, because the desired results cannot be achieved on time. In order to ensure that the mine workers are not at risk when working on the surface or underground, the mining equipment needs to be constantly tested, serviced and inspected before any mining operation.

Different mining equipment is used on different mining sites, meaning that unique maintenance schedule needs to be prepared for every mining site. This unique maintenance schedule will ensure that every piece of mining machinery will be properly maintained depending how extensively is being used throughout the working day. Regular maintenance brings many benefits on the job site, including: prolonged lifespan of the mining equipment, increased safety for the mineworkers when the mining equipment is well maintained, meeting the cost objectives by minimizing the mining equipment downtime and many other benefits and advantages. Today, the use of innovative technology, like automated maintenance scheduling processes, ensure that the engineers and technicians will know when the mining equipment needs to be serviced.