How Important Are NAS Drives for Businesses?

Network Attached Storage DrivesWe live in an information era where data is one of the most critical assets for businesses – both large and small. Without access to all their data, many businesses may not be able to provide their customers with the desired level of service. Loss of sales, poor team collaboration and bad customer service are just a few examples of what could happen when information isn’t safely stored and available to teams within a business. Each of these issues directly contributes to loss of income and lack of efficiency.

This is where network attached storage drives come into play – it is every businesses’ solution when it comes to storing important company data. Network attached storage drives are inexpensive, capable of growing alongside the businesses’ storage needs and extremely easy to operate.

They’re a storage device connected to a network which allows storage and retrieval of important data from a centralized location for multiple authorized network users and heterogeneous clients. They’re scale-out and flexible, meaning – if you need more storage, you can add it to what you already have.

With network attached storage drives, all data is continuously available, making it easy for employees to work together, respond to clients in a timely fashion, and follow up on sales and other issues promptly, as all information is in one place. They act like a private cloud for your business, except they’re less expensive, faster and give you complete control. Therefore, the company’s data can be accessed remotely using a network connection, which enables employees to work any time from anywhere.

Without it, small and medium businesses that do not have an IT department can experience some of the following problems: data being out of sync, delays in responding to customer requests or sale queries, accessibility and reliability issues if storage goes down. NAS drives offer back-up storage and act as an additional protection layer to all of your data, ensuring nothing is lost and it can’t be manipulated.

Copied files will exist on both the computer as well as on the NAS drive, and when the file is changed on the computer – it can, but doesn’t have to be changed on the NAS drive, depending on whether you actually want to change it or not. This can be done either through an ethernet cable or a wireless network. This adds a great deal of security and functionality.

Besides commercial use, NAS drives are very convenient to be used by individuals as well. If you work from multiple locations and need access to certain information, you can purchase a smaller capacity NAS drive which fits your needs and have fast and reliable access to all your data from all the computers you work on.