How Important Is Shrink Wrapping


Shrink wrapping refers to the packaging process of using shrink wrap film that is made of plastic polymer film, to shrink tight over different products and hold them together for more cost-effective and easier packaging, handling, shipping and display. There are many companies that use shrink wrapping finishing services to package their products, from retail to food processing. In fact, shrink wrapping may be the most commonly outsourced finishing services. Depending on the budget, application and purpose, finishing services providers use various types of machines for shrink wrapping products and promotional material. When it comes to materials for packaging, shrink wrap stands incomparable in terms of its popularity and usage. The material is of high quality and is very versatile which is why so many different products can undergo the process of shrink wrapping. It’s very convenient and common way of packaging and has many benefits.

  • Maximum Protection – Different products require different type of packaging. For certain items when it comes to packaging, protection is the main concern. Thus, shrink wrapping is used as it provides maximum protection. Also, the same material can be used in a much creative way to improve the physical appearance of various products. This examples can be seen often in store shelves and shopping malls.
  • More space – Shrink wrapping holds packaged products together in place which means that packaged products require less storage space. This is maybe one of the major advantages of shrink wrapping.
  • Shrink wrapping is a more Eco-friendly option of packing than case packing for example. The film can be recycled which helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Also, the same material can be used in many different ways depending of the purpose which is another unique advantage of a shrink wrap.

Once you have select the appropriate shrink wrap film for your products, then you can start with wrapping process. This process can be done much easier if you have the right shrink wrap equipment. Thus, it is best to outsource this service to well established finishing services provider that has the staff and uses latest technology and high quality materials for shrink wrapping. You can be sure that your promotional products will be safe and dispatched to target audience according to your specifications. With a reliable finishing services provider you can focus on core activities of your business.