Important Things to Consider as a First Time Camper

first time camper

If you’re looking to get into camping, but aren’t so sure on where to start, worry not! It’s not as complicated as it may seem, although the first time may be a bit daunting, but there are ways to make it less so. Even if a few things go wrong, it’s all a great learning experience, and you’ll get better at it eventually. However, it’s still a great idea to prepare beforehand by following a few simple rules, and acquiring a guide book.

Many people are completley oblivious to the existance of camping guide books, and how beneficial they are to newbie campers. A camping guide book can contain useful information that will make planning and preparing much easier. Moreover, you can find a camping guide book that lists great camping spots around your area, which you may never find on your own. Additionally, you can read about all the activities you can do, get facility and access information and so much more. It’s an inexpensive investment that can prove to be invaluable for your first trip.

Next, become familiar with your camping gear before you get to the campground. A lot of new campers usually wait until after they reach their spot to see how most of their equipment works. I’ve personally seen many campers fumble around for hours trying to figure out how to set up their tent, for example. Instead, set up your tent in your yard, or even inside your home once or twice, before you venture in the remote outdoors.

Speaking of tents, make sure you buy one that’s big enough to accommodate the amount of people you’ll most frequently go camping with. There’s nothing worse than sleeping in a crowded tent, rolling over eachother and being uncomfortable. Almost all tents will fit in your trunk, so weight and size aren’t a big concern. Moreover, ensure you get a tent for the right weather. You’ll generally have to pick between a warm season tent, a cold season tent and an all-year-round tent.

Furthermore, plan your meals carefully. What this means is that you should basically put some thought into meal planning, which is something a lot of new campers don’t do. Ensure you have enough food and think about what you’re going to cook throughout the entire trip. More importantly, do the grocery shopping a day before the actual trip – that way you can buy something you’ve forgotten on the way of the actual trip.

Lastly, make your first camping trip somewhere that’s relatively close to your home. After your first night out in the wild, you may realise that camping isn’t right for you. You may stumble across some trouble with the gear, the weather may become too extreme, or you may run out of food or water. Look at your first camping trips as test runs, and camp within a few hours drive from home.