How Important Is The Usage Of Cranes In Construction?

Crane usually uses pulley and cable system to create a mechanical advantage in order to lift big loads. In fact, cranes are machines that play a vital role in the construction industry because they have enough power to move materials of various weights upward, downward and horizontally. The newer cranes use a hydraulic system, internal combustion engine and electric motor in order to provide a powerful capability. Cranes are also a central component of many construction operations and must be operated by a competent person. The operator of a crane must be very accurate, as he controls very heavy items while a crew on the ground assists. Even the smallest mistake can cause serious damage or even a loss of life.


The usage of cranes in construction is huge because they make working with heavy machinery and construction materials easy. Can you imagine manual lifting, loading and unloading? That would be very time-consuming and difficult. Thus, many industries, especially construction, rely on powerful and reliable cranes. The first construction crane was invented in ancient Greece hundreds of years ago. Today, modern cranes are huge and capable of loading tons of materials and lifting them hundreds of meters in height. Also, most cranes have closed cabins which allows working regardless of the weather condition, allowing construction companies to complete projects by projected deadline.

Each crane has specific characteristics and specific use, but they are very useful and important in construction industry. Whether in building bridges, roads or other construction structure, there is a specific crane that can complete various construction tasks. For example, the bridge cranes can lift heavy loads and find their use in the initial construction of paper machines and for regular maintenance of paper mills. The construction industry would not make it without the service of cranes as they are the only machines known to lift very heavy weights on very high highs.