The Importance of Kids’ Workwear on Ranches

Living and working on a ranch is not an easy job, however, growing up on a ranch teaches a few valuable lessons about responsibilities, humbleness and kindness. That is why children need to be actively included in all the tasks. However, the little helpers need to be appropriately dressed in order to stay protected and comfortable while helping around the ranch. When it comes to choosing the right kids work clothing, the same goes for them as for the adults: the clothes should be durable and comfortable enough. That being said, there are several important things you should keep in mind when choosing such clothes for your kids.

Work Pants and Shorts

The pants need to be functional and comfortable and most importantly – durable. The best fabric for providing the required comfort is cotton. So, cotton pants with double stitch seams can help prevent the fabric from unravelling, whereas an elasticated back can make for easy movement. For summer days, you can choose cotton shorts.


The overalls protect the clothing the kids wear underneath so they need to be made of quality material. In order to be maintained easily, cotton is again the perfect fabric choice. It is good to have elastic stripes, more pockets for keeping the mobile phone, or some other items like pencils or dividers. Overalls are a type of kids work clothing which is necessary when tending to the needs of the animals and such tasks can enable kids to feel truly included in all important activities.

T-shirt or Shirt

Shirts and T-shirts should offer unrestrained mobility, breathability and durability. The best choice are the polo t-shirts which can be hi-vis for extra safety. Choosing the hi-vis feature can even save someone’s life when in great danger as hi-vis clothes stand out easily and kids can be instantly identified. The fluorescent colours are different depending on the environment where they are used. Yellow is the most commonly used one as it is the brightest colour, but pink and orange are also prevalent.


As working on the ranch means being outdoors in all types of weather, a good work jacket should be able to withstand all the elements. It should provide both insulation and protection. Also, if the jacket is coated with a water-resistant material, it will be able to provide comfort in rainy or snowy weather.


When it comes to choosing the right working footwear, leather boots are generally the best fit for the specific type of work done on a ranch. The boots need to be oil, acid and organic fat resistant and spacious enough.

To sum up, the kids work clothing should provide comfort for any task at hand. Along with that, the pieces should be very similar to the adults’ workwear because kids like to identify themselves with their role-models and feel sure they are taken seriously.