Knuckle Boom Crane – How Important It Is For Your Business

The knuckle boom crane is a hydraulic lifting machine which is used for a variety of applications where lifting heavy items is needed. Just by looking at the structure, you would immediately recognize why it is called a knuckle boom crane; its boom looks like a knuckle of a human’s finger. This boom can be folded completely. The knuckle boom crane is a versatile and extremely efficient crane model, capable to load and unload itself. The position of the boom reduces the distance between the crane and the load, while increasing the control over the load. Traditionally, the knuckle boom crane is widely used in Europe, but it is gaining popularity in Australia as well.

The most suitable applications for the knuckle boom cranes are lifting and moving loads through narrow job sites. Built as a basic crane, the knuckle boom crane has only one difference – a boom hinged in the middle. Unlike before, the knuckle boom crane today has increased outreach, and it is considered as complete and all-round performer. With many innovative features, this crane has become one of the best-selling cranes on the market. One of the main reasons why the knuckle boom crane is enjoying huge popularity, is that this crane doesn’t need to be operated by a certified crane operator.



The knuckle boom crane is very important for your business, because it offers three great benefits. The first advantage is the articulation, which allows the complicated movements to be performed easily. Another benefit is the ability to fold by itself, which can save you a lot of storage space in your storage facility. The last one is the lightweight design and the ease of transportation. These three benefits can increase your profits and improve your business productivity.

Knuckle boom cranes are often compared to drywall boom cranes, but they have a major difference in the articulation. These cranes travel differently, and when it comes to storage, they are stored differently because the drywall crane cannot be folded. When traveling, the boom of the drywall crane is positioned above the whole deck, leaving most of the truck bed free for stacking materials. However, the knuckle boom crane is a better option for your business.