The Importance of Owning a Letterbox – Provide a Unique Look for Your Home

With the internet changing the way we receive mail today, for most people, letterboxes are a thing of the past. However, even if you mostly receive electronic mail, there are still some advantages to owning a letterbox. And it is not just nostalgia talking – there is no reason not to have a letterbox, and a lot of them to install a cool one that complements your home’s exterior design. What I absolutely love? The flair of white letter boxes. Simple, elegant and oh-so practical. Let me give you a few more reasons to get this beaut for your home as well.

  1. It serves as an address plaque.
    The street number is almost always written in the letterbox. So, I can say that, in a way, your letterbox marks your house’s number. And unlike an address plaque, a letterbox serves a double purpose. You can use it for both marking your address and receiving mail.
  2. It stores your mail safely.
    Without a letterbox, any mail addressed to your personal address will be dumped on your doorstep. The post office cannot guarantee that the mail won’t be damaged. The onus is on the receiver to have a safe place for the mail to be stored. We cannot predict the weather and when it is going to rain, right? You wouldn’t want an important letter to end up wet and ruined. You also wouldn’t want to search for your letters in the yard because a strong wind blew them away. Keeping your new mail in a letterbox is the way to go and there really is no denying when it comes to that.
  3. It protects your privacy.
    Unlike with an email, you can’t just unsubscribe completely from the post office. You will still receive some letters addressed to you, which means your name and address will be written down on them. Sometimes, your mail will contain sensitive information that you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands. You can protect your privacy with one simple precaution – a lockable mailbox. You still think that those white letter boxes that I so love are a thing of the past?
  4. It allows you to receive notes from your neighbors.
    Not everything your neighbors have to say to you is considered an emergency. And if they don’t have your phone number, they will have to ring your doorbell and worry about bothering you. Why not give them the opportunity to contact you in the least bothersome way? The solution is a quick and simple note to inform you about something, which they can leave whenever they are passing by and you can read whenever you have the free time to do so. If you don’t own a letterbox and your neighbor wants to leave you a note – then the contents of that note will be on display for everyone to read. By providing a place where the note can be left, only you and your neighbor will be privy of the contents of the notes stored in your letterbox.
  5. It is beneficial if you are a general postal voter.
    If you meet the government requirements for becoming a general postal voter, then your ballot papers will be sent via mail. You have the option to receive ballot papers for state and local government elections. To be able to exercise your right to vote smoothly, it is best to own a letterbox.
  6. It is more professional.
    This mostly applies to business owners and those with a home office who are in contact with clients. Business owners should provide most forms of contact for customers so that they can be easily reached. Whether that is an email, a phone number, a fax machine, or posh and unique white letter boxes, the choice is personal. And in terms of feedback, a letterbox does provide some level of anonymity. When you call someone or send an email you are also revealing your own contact information. Whereas with a letterbox, clients can provide feedback on matters that are personal to them.

Having discussed the advantages of owning a letterbox, there are still some things left to be said in terms of design and quality.

Letterboxes can be made from wood or metal. A wooden letterbox is durable and practical, at the same time looking stylish and elegant. It is a simple material that always manages to look luxurious. To increase the lifespan of a wooden letterbox, it is recommended to apply some coating on it as the letterbox can be damaged from bad weather. A stainless-steel letterbox is an even more low maintenance option as it is corrosion-resistant. Steel is also sturdy and durable, with great qualities, such as fire and rot resistance. Whichever material you choose, the quality of both can be guaranteed.

There are also a few different types of letterboxes , depending on how they are placed.

  • Post mounted letterbox

A post-mounted letterbox looks like the white letter boxes we see in movies. This is a standalone letterbox, placed in front of your house.

  • A fence-mounted letterbox

This one is pretty self-explanatory. A fence mounted letterbox is installed on your fence.

  • A wall-mounted letterbox

Similar to a fence mounted letterbox, except it is installed on your wall.

  • A flush-mounted letterbox

A flush-mounted letterbox is without a doubt the safest type of letterbox there is. It is placed inside the wall, so you can only open it from inside your home or building.