Milwaukee Bucks Fan? These Are the Important Considerations When Choosing Your Jerseys

As a fan of the incredible Milwaukee Bucks, the professional basketball team competing in the NBA as a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division, you probably do all you can to show your love and support. This includes knowing everything there is to know about their history, from how they got the name by the state’s official animal in 1968, to the first championship in the NBA in 1971.

Knowing the names of the top Bucks players of all time by heart and showing this love is best done by wearing their jerseys. Yes, even after their ups and downs on the mainstream clothing scene, they’re still clothing pieces that are part of men’s urban fashion as they can be worn casually.

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Considering there’s no greater player ever to wear the Milwaukee Bucks uniform than the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo jerseys of quality are an absolute must for hardcore fans. But, with the extensive range of options in the shops, both original and true replicas, how to pick the right one is a serious question. To make matters simple, let’s start with the NBA’s official outfitter – Nike.

Nike and the NBA

Ever since Nike took over the role of developing the league’s jerseys and shorts in 2017, they dedicated to creating the most outstanding uniforms to allow the athletes to stay dry and cool and have the needed flexibility with all their movements. This wouldn’t have been possible without the use of advanced technologies and a team of experienced designers, sports scientists, engineers and players working together.

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The Creation of the Editions

Focusing on the right fit, thermoregulation, and lightweight properties from the ideal fabrics, such as polyester and a special yarn (i.e. double-knit fabric), they’ve created four categories of jerseys, classified into editions. This came as a result of the elimination of “home” and “away” jerseys. So, the next time you’re looking for the ideal Giannis jersey, be sure to check its edition. They are the following:

Statement Edition

Jerseys that are part of this edition are those worn for the special big games.

Icon Edition

This is the type you can expect to see in the primary colours that are associated with the team.

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Association Edition

These are what was previously known as “home” jerseys, connecting the teams to the NBA. Unlike the precursors, though, the exception now is that teams can decide whether they want to wear white or not when playing at home.

City Edition

This type of edition pays homage to the teams’ cities, merging heritage with iconic elements of their different eras.

The Different types of Nike Jerseys

Okay, after covering the varieties of editions, before you make your purchase of the Giannis Antetokounmpo jerseys from the stores and retailers, you ought to know the different types according to quality and price too. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can choose from:

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If you don’t care about buying jerseys that are made according to the same standards as the Greek Freak is wearing, then replica might just be what you’re looking for. Known for the cheap prices, they’re also notable for the stitches, same as the authentic so in some cases you may not even be able to tell the difference.


These are the most popular types of Antetokounmpo jerseys (or any other player for that matter) because they’re closest to the quality of the authentic. Though be aware there are some differences from the original, such as lack of championship patches on the collar, and lack of extra length tab of the jock tag due to lack of extra length.

What they do include is the size and manufacturing info on the inside of the neck, as well as the use of dry-fit technology and materials same as Nike’s. Necessary to point out, there are additional two subcategories of a swingman – finished and youth.

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The first are those worn on special occasions, the limited or city editions, and differ by the fact they aren’t heat pressed. Whereas the latter are those meant for young fans and are the same as the adult swingman – except for the lack of the jock tag with NikeConnect functionality.


If you’re willing to pay more to wear jerseys that are made from premium fabrics, have premium finishes, and match the quality of the athletes’ jerseys, then these are the ones you should acquire. The authentic type is notable for the perforation technology, as well as the impressive stitches.

Extra Considerations

Knowing the different editions and types you can find the Giannis Antetokounmpo jerseys in is more than helpful, however, it’s important to also have additional aspects in mind when shopping. If you plan on wearing jerseys like celebrities, besides the quality, colour, and cost, it’s advisable to also consider durability and size.

This is important if you’re buying one you intend to wear for years and years. Perhaps you’d most benefit from an authentic or swingman type, which, when properly taken care of can last you a really long time. As for the size, different manufacturers have different sizes so before deciding on a model, be sure to check the chart to get the right fit. And, in terms of style, if you prefer the baggier outcome, simply buy one size bigger than you normally wear.