Portable Air Compressor – Importance Of Genuine Spare Parts

A portable air compressor is a mobile compressing solution that is used in many industries for different applications. Most commonly, the portable air compressors are used for powering pneumatic tools and filling tires of vehicles. If you use a portable air compressor regularly, you will need to change the compressor parts after some time. When the time comes for changing the portable compressor parts, you should use genuine spare parts if you want to extend the life of your portable compressor. Using non-genuine portable compressor parts is not good for the performance of your compressor.


If you think that the best cheap solution is to replace the damaged parts with less expensive and non-genuine spare parts, you are wrong. Such parts may impact your compressor’s performance, and can cause damages to all other parts. If you want to replace the damaged parts of your portable air compressor, choose spare parts from the compressor’s manufacturer. The three most important portable compressor parts are the oil filter, air inlet filter and lubricants. These parts can impact the compressor’s performance and its service life.

Oil Filter – The oil filter removes the impurities from the oil that might impact the compressor’s performance. When using a non-genuine oil filter, dust and dirt particles may pass through the filter holes and get into the engine of the compressor. This can cause great damages, and you may end up paying too much for unplanned repairs. To avoid buying a new compressor, you should definitely use a genuine oil filter.

Air Inlet Filter – This is one of the most important portable compressor parts, because it has a vital role by protecting the engine from dust and other unwanted air components that may reduce the life of your portable air compressor. So, replacing the damaged air inlet filter with a non-genuine one may affect the performance of the compressor. With a genuine air inlet filter, you will extend the life of the engine, compressor element, oil separator, compressor oil, compressor oil filter and all other moving parts.

Lubricants – Probably the best way to protect your portable compressor is to use genuine lubricants. Each compressor runs efficiently with genuine lubricants, approved and in accordance to the high-end standards of your compressor’s manufacturer. With proper and quality lubricants, you can extend the service life of your portable air compress and reduce the maintenance costs.