The Many Reasons Why Installing a Dumbwaiter in Your Home is Important

Whether looking for a thoughtful way to upgrade your home or for something that can facilitate your life and those of your loved ones, a dumbwaiter for home use is a great option. If you are not familiar with the term, a dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator the purpose of which is to move objects from one floor to another. Except in restaurants, schools, hospitals and retirement homes, dumbwaiter elevators have found use in residential homes too because they can make quite of a difference regarding some day-to-day tasks. Besides, this unique unit is a great selling feature for homes as it can add value.

dumbwaiter for home use

The Ideal Home Transportation Unit

While the use of a dumbwaiter elevator in restaurants is to transport food, when it comes to residential use, dumbwaiter for home use serves for transporting laundry from one floor to another or for moving cleaning supplies (professional vacuum cleaner for example) when deep cleaning a house. According to many studies, homeowner have found dumbwaiters quite handy for transporting loads of groceries from the garage to the inside of the home, for example. All in all, these home elevators are a great way to move items of all kinds from one place to another.

Extremely Efficient

The most important thing about these elevators is that they can be custom made according to specific specifications. When choosing a dumbwaiter for home use that is made of high-quality materials and a great mechanism, you can expect to use it for a lifetime. Besides, such elevators can significantly cut down the needed time to get from one floor to another, which can lead to getting the work done faster and easier. Precisely these features are what make a dumbwaiter for home use the number one residential elevator in a great number of Australian homes. Usually, the finish of these home elevators can be galvanized or stainless steel and the cabinet location can be above, pit, side or rear. With so many variations in travel distances, weight carrying capacity, door openings and the type of doors required, one can easily find the right type of dumbwaiter home elevator.

dumbwaiter for home use

Little to No Physical Strain

Since the purpose of these elevators is to carry different types of items, the physical strain of carrying them using your hands is reduced to a minimum. These types of elevators are the perfect solution for everyone who wants to enjoy its benefits. However, it has been proven that they are also great for people with limited mobility and for pregnant women as well. According to professional, dumbwaiters are the ideal way to minimise physical strain when carrying heavy items which is a common problem for many people.

It Takes up Little Space

When compared to the traditional types of elevators, the dumbwaiter type require the least amount of space. Those homes that have a laundry chute can be easily adapted for installing a dumbwaiter in the required size. However, even when built for the first time, dumbwaiter for home use takes up little space which means that it can serve you and be almost unnoticeable. This also means that these lifts won’t break the look of the home.

dumbwaiter for home use

Little to No Maintenance

These elevators come with minimal costs after installation. This means that they require little to no maintenance and do not need many inspections in comparison to other types of elevators. The reason for this is simple, they are not designed for carrying passengers, which means that no human being can’t get stuck inside.

Food Service at Its Finest

Except for being designed to carry food in restaurants, these home-designed elevators can be used for the same purpose as well. Getting tons of food, tray of cocktails or hot plates to guests can be extremely daunting especially when talking about serving a lot of people. A home elevator like this can ease the whole process of moving beverages and food from one floor to another in no time and without a risk (like tripping when going up or down the stairs). Convenient, right?!

Large families, older people, and people with certain disabilities can surely benefit from installing a lift like that in their homes. The only concern is to find the right size of dumbwaiter (in order to suit the designated free space) and one that is made from high-quality materials. Keep in mind that the ones that come from reliable and trustworthy companies are the ones also designed for easy and smooth installation. All this is done in order to minimize the builders’ work – something that can benefit both the user and the installer.