Can a Rocking Chair Provide Some Important Health Benefits?

Without a doubt, the world we live in today is a high-tech one. Starting from the large selection of cellphones and cooking appliances to some amazing health-promoting gadgets, there is a lot of innovation all around us. However, when it comes to one’s health, studies have shown that a simple rocking chair can significantly improve the overall well-being of a person when compared to some massaging and relaxing electric tools. And while a rocking chair can’t help in shaping body muscles (nothing can beat a good workout), it can surely improve the health in some other ways.

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The best part is that these days you can choose from a plethora of rocking chairs. Gone are the days when the simple wooden rocking chairs were the main option available on the market. Nowadays, users can choose from a plethora of rocking chairs that can easily blend with the rest of the contemporary, minimalist or modern furniture in any home. Except for aiding one’s health, these modern furniture pieces can rock anyone’s world with their appealing appearance.

Rocking is Relaxing

While we all know that rocking is relaxing, a great number of us don’t know the true reason for that. By rocking, our brain releases endrophins which can significantly improve the mood while reducing stress. Since it has been proven that rocking is great for relaxing and reducing stress, a lot of airports have decided to place rocking chairs to help travelers unwind while waiting for their flight.

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Reduces Back Pain and Arthritis

It may sound strange, but this modern furniture piece can help one in their battle against arthritis and back pain. This is possible because it has been proven that by rocking, the blood flow of the whole body increases, sending more oxygen to the joints which can significantly ease the symptoms of arthritis. What’s more, the slight push people do to rock can build up strength and flexibility in the knees, while preventing pain signals to travel from the back to the brain.

Ideal for Breastfeeding Moms

Nursing a baby is not easy at all, especially for new moms which is why, a comfortable breastfeeding nook is a must. This can significantly eliminate the stress to moms while allowing them to improve the bond with their babies. According to moms, one of the perfect places for mothers to feed their babies is on a rocking chair. This modern furniture piece offers the classic rocking base which has a soothing effect on babies, helping them calm down and getting them to sleep. Since nursery rock chairs can come in different types, one should choose the type that offers utmost comfort. Experts recommend choosing a padded rocking modern chair which has an added padding on the armrests in order to improve the long night feeding sessions. Depending on the type and brand you choose, but some of these rocking chairs usually can be combined with an ottoman of the same collection line. All this is needed in order to improve moms’ well-being.

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Labour Pain Relief

Except for being the ideal breastfeeding furniture piece, rocking chairs can be used for labour pain relief as well. Besides some other usual go-tos for relief like climbing stairs, walking and rocking on a birth ball, the use of a rocking chair can really aid pregnant women.

Increased Emotional & Psychological Well-being in Dementia Patients

According to some studies, it has been proven that dementia sufferers can really benefit from the rocking motion provided by rocking chairs. It has been found that patients who have dementia can show increased emotional and psychological well-being when compared to those who haven’t used a rocking chair. According to them, the most dangerous conditions like depression and anxiety in these patients have been reduced to a minimum which is considered another benefit of using such chairs.

Rocking Can Improve Sleep

Apart from the well-known fact that rocking can soothe babies and improve their sleep, it has been shown that rocking can also improve the sleep of adults. And since having a good night’s sleep or a quality nap can really improve our well-being and mood, this is another great reason for making such an investment.

Faster Surgery Recover

Except for easing back pain and arthritis symptoms, rocking chair therapy has also been used for decreasing abdominal pain after a surgery (usually C-section or bowel dysfunction following surgery). According to experts, rocking can help patients ease the pain while helping them get rid of stomach cramps by letting gasses pass easily.

As shown, the benefits of owning a rocking chair are many, so what’s left is to choose the right one for your needs. This can be done by considering the available space where you plan to place the chair, the style of the home and the colours.