The Importance of Choosing the Right Shower Screen

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’re probably considering installing a shower screen. Shower screens are extremely useful products that prevent water from leaking from your shower and making a mess in your entire bathroom.

They’re normally attached to the wall using a hinge mechanism and are made of various glass thicknesses. They’re a simple and practical alternative to shower curtains and have a more elegant appearance.

What to Consider When Buying

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Your Budget

The first thing you need to decide on your budget. The prices can vary on the market, but you should never compromise on the quality. There is a chance that it might get damaged or broken, and you’ll spend thousands of dollars trying to fix the mess. So, it’s better to invest in a superb-quality glass shower screen that will last for many years to come. Some things that will affect the price are the glass thickness, size, quality and extra features.

Bathroom Size

After you’ve established your budget, think about how much space you have and the size of your bathroom. You’ll need to measure your shower and the surrounding area for this. If you have little shower space, a frameless shower screen with transparent glass is the way to go. These shower screens are free of additional accessories and may easily fit into small areas. Plus, the translucent glass will let light in, making your bathroom look bigger.

If space is not an issue, frameless or semi-frameless shower screens with tinted or frosted glass are a great option. The size of big bathrooms is unaffected by tinted or frosted glass. Consider the shape of the screen as well. Shower screens with sliding or folding doors are ideal for small areas since they are convenient to use. Larger rooms can benefit from pivoting and hinged doors.

High-Quality Glass

Shower screens with excellent quality should not cause any trouble in your family bathroom. You might regret it later if you don’t use high-quality, hardened glass for your bath shower screen. If you’re concerned, use a folding shower screen that can be put away when the kids are inside. There are two types of screens.

Single Panel Screen

These are usually built out of a single panel of glass that moves on a hinge. They’re some of the most popular options because of the simple design with few corners and cavities for dirt. To get the optimal minimalist style, many single panels are also frameless.

Double Panel Screen

Because they have a hinge in the middle of the screen, you can open them in many ways. This allows simple access into your bath at any time. They’re ideal for smaller bathrooms where a fixed pane of glass might block your view. Double screens are slightly longer, which is beneficial if you have a lengthier bathtub.

Types of Shower Screens

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Nowadays, there are so many shapes and designs of shower screens that you can find one no matter your style. These are some of the most popular ones on the market.


Family bathrooms will benefit the most from this type. They have a full enclosure supported by an aluminium frame all around them. They can have different configurations and features and can fit any size bathroom. The thing that makes them popular is their budget-friendly price and high-quality glass.


Frameless screens are a minimalistic option when compared to framed ones. They have a simple design featured with minimal hardware. They’ll fit best in small bathrooms with limited space. But there’s no doubt that they can make any bathroom look sophisticated and elegant.


Despite the name, these screens are fully framed but with a thinner frame. They’re the perfect combination of framed and frameless shower screens, providing the best from both worlds, sophistication, strength and beauty.

Sliding Door

Shower screens with sliding doors save a lot of space because the doors do not open inwards or outwards but slide, which saves a lot of room. They’re an excellent option for bathrooms with limited space.

Pivot Door

Pivot door screens are traditional shower screens that open from the centre. They come in many forms and patterns, but because of the space, it requires when it’s open, they will only fit in bigger bathrooms.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors have a great design, look stylish and are very practical. They are a great space-saver, and their opening mechanism creates an attractive and elegant look. Because of the possibility of having two or even more folds, they look great in modern bathrooms with a contemporary design. Plus, they’re very affordable.


Quadrant shower screens are great for small bathrooms because of their ability to be fitted in any corner of the room. They look neat and clean and can complement any style. You can install them near the bathroom basin, close to the door or on the opposite side. They have a sliding door, so you won’t have any trouble opening it.

Fixed Panel

These screens look luxurious and yet so simple. There is only one panel with no frames that gives out minimalist vibes. But you can only install them in bigger bathrooms with good drying areas.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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When you’re looking to buy a new glass shower screen, it’s essential to think about how easy it is to clean. The glass should be accessible at all corners and spaces every time you wash it. Take note that clear glass is much easier to maintain and clean than tinted or frosted. Screens with no frame are much easier to take care of because there are no crevasses or fixtures where dirt and bacteria can hide.

Remember that you should clean it regularly, so it doesn’t look messy and stained. One way to minimise the cleaning time is to wipe it after every use. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend hours in the bathroom. You can use a glass cleaner, vinegar and a shower squeegee to get the job done.

In Summary

As you can see, there are many options you can choose from regarding the shape and size of the shower screen. Take your time to make the right decision, and you’ll enjoy many years of beauty and practicality.