Types of Bathroom Sinks: Making the Right Choice Is Important

If you find that your no longer like the look of your bathroom, you may consider implementing some changes. Updating the look of your bathroom requires some serious considerations, as you need to know precisely which features you like to change. Perhaps, you only want to change the layout of your bathroom elements, pick different colours for the tiles or buy a new type of sink that suits your style better.

When it comes to bathroom sinks, there are different types on the market based on their mounting options. Which one would suit your needs and bathroom space can depend on a variety of factors.

What Are the Different Styles of Bathroom Sinks?


Undermounth sink

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When it comes to choosing a sink for your bathroom, undermount sinks are the best option if you want to increase the space on your countertop. For this, you should make sure you measure the distance between the cutout and the backsplash as well as the holes for the faucet, to ensure that the sink will fit well. As its name suggests, the undermount bathroom sink is fitted from beneath the cutout in the cabinet or the vanity top.

In these types of sinks, the rim of the bowl attaches to the bottom of the sink, seamlessly integrating the countertop and the sink. The undermount bathroom sink has a sleek design that can perfectly with the design of the countertop and your vanity. If you choose a design with the same colour as your countertop, the sink will look like it is just a part of the countertop itself.

One of the drawbacks is that these types of sinks are very difficult to install. The under-mount basin needs to be perfectly sealed in order to prevent leaks and damage. For instance, improper installation can cause mould to build up rather quickly underneath your sink which can cause a bad smell and some irreversible damages. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional to install your undermount bathroom sink, to avoid this kind of problem.


Wall-Mounted sink

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Wall-mounted bathroom sinks are the only type of basin that doesn’t take up any floor space. This is because they are mounted directly onto the wall with no bathroom vanity beneath. This makes them practical and a great choice for bathrooms of small sizes. They are most often installed in hotels due to their modern, ultra-chic design which gives off a unique, uncluttered, minimalist look. These types of sinks are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and faucet configurations. The most common materials used for their construction are ceramic and metal.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal Sink

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This type of sink doesn’t come with the fancy features and advantages of the expensive countertops. It looks like one continuous unit, stretching up from your bathroom floor all the way up to the basin. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain.

Pedestal sinks are most commonly made from vitreous china, but you can also find them in a range of other materials such as marble, fireclay, or ceramic. Featuring sleek clean lines and contemporary curves, a pedestal sink will bring a refined look to any modern bathroom.

Vessel Sink

vessel sink

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A vessel sink is one of the most popular choices of basin for contemporary bathrooms. As their name implies a vessel sink is a basin that sits on the top of the counter unlike the under-mount type of sinks that are installed under it. These types of sinks are very easy to install. They simply require cutting a hole into the countertop and choosing your preferred design.

They have a truly unique appearance and you cannot see them installed in every bathroom. You can find vessel sinks available in all sizes, shapes, and styles. The most frequent types of materials that many homeowners choose for their bathrooms are copper, ceramic, wood, terrazzo, marble, and glass.

Drop-in Sink

Drop-in Sink

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Drop-in sinks are also called self-rimming or top-mounted sinks. They are still the most common type of bathroom sink. As their name suggests the sink basin drops straight into the countertop cut-out, and the perimeter lip is specially designed to hold everything in place. Porcelain is the most commonly used material for the construction of these types of sinks, but you can also find them available in a variety of other materials including, metal, glass, and plastic. When it comes to the price, they are perhaps the most affordable on the market.

Moreover, they are very easy to be installed so many homeowners are deciding to do it themselves which saves a great deal of money compared to hiring professional assistance. However, one of the drawbacks is their maintenance feature. Since the rim of the sink is protruding out, this can make the cleaning around the edges or the rim quite difficult which can result in accumulating bacteria or mould build-up over time.