The Importance of Size: Mattress Really Can Impact Your Sleep

queen bed mattress

One thing I’m looking forward to after a long and stressful day at work is going home and just throwing myself on my bed for a long and quality nap. When it comes to quality naps, you can’t just fall asleep anywhere and expect to wake up rested. In order to make most of your time spent in bed, it’s of utmost importance that the surface you sleep on is firm and supports your body, thus enabling you to relax all of your muscles and allowing you to sleep painlessly.

Yes, I’m talking about a quality mattress, one of the most important items in your bedroom. If you take into account the time spent in your bed throughout your entire life, it adds up to a surprising third of your lifetime, which means investing in a quality mattress is something you should strongly consider. It’s basically an investment you’ll be making for your overall health, since we know how much of our daily activities depend on the energy we harvest during our sleep.

Furthermore, when it comes to mattresses, there are multiple sizes and materials that they are made from. One of the most versatile and commonly found mattress sizes is the size queen mattress. The reason why size queen mattress is so popular are its preferable dimensions – 137×203 cm. This renders it the perfect golden middle when it comes to mattress sizes, since it can easily accommodate a couple or simply provide loads of comfort for a single person.

Besides the size, there are some other things that make a mattress great. Support is one of them, as a firm mattress will definitely contribute to getting a quality sleep. This is especially important if you’re older and have chronic pain in your back, neck and joints.

Sleeping on a firm mattress will help you keep your spine properly aligned. What’s more, soft mattresses are not able to properly distribute your weigh which can lead to misalignment joints. Misalignment is not something that you can reverse quickly, so it’s important that your mattress is firm.

That being said, our bodies see sleeping as a time for repairs and rejuvenation. The metabolism is slowed down, cells are being restored, insulin levels go down and hormones get activated. This will all feel overwhelming if you don’t get proper rest, without which your immune system can really suffer over time. Lack of proper sleep can cause you to feel irritated, unmotivated, less energetic and prone to diseases.