The Ingredients of Dining Al Fresco: Give Your Patio a Chance at the Spotlight

The hot summer days are here! While some of us are more excited about the daily visits to the beach, others can’t wait to take advantage of their patios during the magical summer nights. Dining alfresco is one of the most popular summer trends. A well-designed outdoor space, good company and tasty food will help you create special moments that you will cherish for years to come. Whether you pair your dining patio with an alfresco kitchen or not, its design can greatly influence your outdoor ambience. A couple of well-picked elements can spruce up your patio and help you create the alfresco dining space of your dreams.

A Teak Dining Set

Benefits of Teak

It can be difficult to make the right choice for outdoor furniture material in today’s market that’s overflowing with options. Popular choices are wood, rattan, metal and others. Teak is a material that’s slowly growing in popularity both for its aesthetic value and durability. Teak has an incredibly long lifespan. It can last for decades without warping, twisting or splintering. It contains natural oils that protect it against harsh weather conditions, pests and rot.

teak outdoor table with chairs

Teak furniture requires simple maintenance and no special treatments for it to last long. You can easily clean it with a sponge and soapy water without the need for harsh chemicals. Teak has a beautiful natural golden-brown colour, although if you wish to enhance it, there are plenty of finishes and sealants available.

How to Choose Outdoor Dining Chairs?

There are multiple factors when it comes to choosing the right dining chair. One concern about metal outdoor chairs is that they absorb heat pretty quickly and become uncomfortable to sit in. However, you won’t have this problem with teak outdoor dining chairs. The natural oils present in teak not only protect it from harsh weather conditions but also help it retain its temperature, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Your choice of dining chair also depends on your preferred style and comfort level. The modern teak outdoor chair is stylish and anatomically designed, so it’s comfortable to sit in with or without cushioning. You can choose a foldable teak outdoor chair design to save up on space when you’re not using the set, or even take them with you when camping.

teak outdoor chair

How to Choose an Outdoor Dining Table?

Teak outdoor tables are simple and fashionable. You don’t have to invest in a table cover since the surface is smooth and sturdy. It’s also low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about occasional spills because they can be easily cleaned up. Whether you choose a round or a rectangular table is based on your personal preference. Regarding its size – you should take into account the number of guests you’re entertaining. An extension table is perfect if you want to enjoy both a quiet morning coffee and a crowded outdoor family dinner. You can opt for a foldable teak table to easily clear up the patio and use it for other purposes.

Outdoor Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware is more than crockery for serving food. It enhances your meals, sets the mood for your dining experience and lets you express your personal style. Compared to using single pieces, a well-picked dinnerware set has both practical and aesthetic purposes. It’s composed of different purpose glasses, plates and cutlery, and they come in a variety of different styles. More formal sets are usually made from china, porcelain or stoneware, while earthenware and melamine make great casual dinnerware sets.

While the choice is based entirely on your own personal preference, it’s generally not a good idea to bring breakable plates outdoors. This is why it’s recommended to use durable dinnerware that is break-resistant, but also attractive, light and easy to clean. They also come in handy for kids both indoors and outdoors, since they will be safe from accidental breakage.

Melamine Sets

teak outdoor chair and table

Melamine is a popular material that’s used for making durable dishes and glasses. It’s easy to mistake it for stoneware, or porcelain because of its smooth, high-gloss finish. Melamine sets come in a variety of different designs, ranging from simple white dishes to ones with stylish patterns.Apart from its elegant exterior, they also provide several other advantages that make melamine dinnerware the optimal choice for the outdoors. These sets are more lightweight than the traditional indoor dinnerware sets, they’re break-resistant, dishwasher safe and cost-efficient.


Although dinnerware can be considered as décor, adding some additional outdoor accessories can spice up your patio and improve your outdoor dining experience. You don’t have to go overboard with a lot of different décor pieces. When it comes to accessorizing your dining patio, less is more. Start with a simple flower bouquet centrepiece for your table that you will frequently replace when it becomes stale. Flowers are visually pleasing and instantly improve your mood. Another thing you can add is decorative bowls with fruits. These will create a colourful visual as well as encourage the guests to eat healthy food.

Shade and Lighting

As enjoyable as dining alfresco is, it’s impossible without a proper shade. Summer days are scorching hot and it can be uncomfortable to spend extended time periods outdoors without the proper protection from the sun rays. If you don’t already have a permanent roof for your patio, there are plenty of other shade options that you can use.

Trees are an eco-friendly and inexpensive option for creating shade. If you already have a large tree in your backyard, you can use it as a natural shade. It will keep you cool and the greenery will be soothing for your eyes.

Other options are patio umbrellas and canopies. These are cost-efficient alternatives that are easy to set up. You can also freely reposition them according to your needs. They come in many colours and designs, and the materials are not only sturdy and weatherproof but they’re also treated to protect you from harmful UV rays. 

As you need shade during the day, you will also need proper illumination in the evenings. The perfect lighting should be sufficiently bright and have a soothing warm tone to create ambience. Popular choices that will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere are candles, string lights and pendant lights.