Travelling with Your Pet: Preparing Your Pet for the Flight

You know how the saying goes, you haven’t fully lived unless you’ve travelled. Sure, Australia has plenty to offer to make you a well-travelled person, from landscapes, coasts, wildlife, and cityscapes, but travelling abroad is also just as appealing. When you have a pet however, you might not feel the wanderlust urge is so easy to satisfy.

pet flight vets

One option is to leave your pet in a pet hotel while you’re on the adventure of a lifetime, but pets are friends, and can you really leave your friend out of that adventure? Besides, going on trips with your furry friend gives you the chance to gather fame in the social networks, like these Instagram star pets for instance. If you haven’t been abroad with your pet before, and don’t know how to prepare, start your preparations for pet flight vets visits months in advance.

Vets with years of experience, that are also quarantine accredited, are sure to provide you with all the information you need for the trip, which is why it’s important to visit them. They can provide you with the necessary pet health checks, blood tests, vaccinations, parasite treatments if necessary, including baths, and pre-export isolation plans, and of course, micro chipping for identification.

Also, it’s equally important to get to know whether the country you intend to visit has any strict rules, and permits you’d require, as well as how long the quarantine is. Based on the kind of pet you have, whether it’s a dog or a cat, the rules vary, and professionals who have experience with pet flight vets and pet transport specialists can give you the pieces of advice and tips you need to make this a stress-free experience for you and your pet, and hassle free for that matter!

Don’t forget the importance of a crate , something that should be taken care of well before the trip. Apart from getting the right measurements, it’s needless to say your pet has to be accustomed with the crate, in order to feel safe in it, knowing it’s nothing frightening, so it’s your job to ensure your pet gets to know the crate well and stay in it for some time prior to the flight.

If necessary, lure your pet in with treats, then let it stay in for a while, increasing the time gradually. Make it as comfortable as can be, with a blanket, and put in a toy or two for relaxation. Remember, happy pet makes a happy owner, and the unforgettable trip.