The Battle of the Water Bottle – Why to Go with Stainless Steel

Frankly speaking, buying bottled water on daily basis can be quite expensive. This is one of the reasons why in the past couple of years many people have opted to buy water filters to clean their own water and carry it in their water bottles on the go. But while speaking of clean water and healthier choices, the question that normally arises here is the kind of bottle you should carry your water in.

They all come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. While some are made of glass and plastic, others are made of aluminium and stainless steel. The matter as to which ones are better have been long discussed and their pros and cons have been many times outlined. The absolute winner? Stainless steel, of course. Here’s why.

Bpa Free Water BottleNo health risks

Have you heard about Bisphenol A (BPA)? It is an amalgam which is used in the development of some plastics and it’s known for its harmful effects to the human body. It is an endocrine interrupter which can impersonate the body’s hormones, which can ultimately have harmful health effects when consumed in high amounts. Nevertheless, with stainless steel you won’t have to worry about carcinogens leaching into your water. Simply put, stainless steel makes for a BPA free water bottle, freeing you of the worries whether you’re doing more harm to your body than good.


You won’t have to bother much about your stainless steel bottle as this material is known for its huge durability, thus, it won’t crush or break easily. Stainless steel water bottles can withstand knocks, falls and high temperatures, they do not break or scratch easily and can be used even in the harshest weather conditions which is why are the preferred choice of most adventurers and athletes.

Maintains water temperature

Aren’t you sick and tired of taking with you fresh and cold water only to realize that it has become warm in just an hour or so thanks to the scorching temperatures? With stainless steel water bottles you no longer need to worry about that. With their insulating properties, you will be able to drink cold water pretty much the entire day after filling your bottle from your water cooler. You could also be able to drink hot water for around 6-7 hours after you fill your bottle from your water heater if that’s your preference. Therefore, with stainless steel water bottles, you have the freedom to choose the temperature of the water you’d like to drink for pretty much the entire day.

Bottom line is, choose water bottles with single, double walls or ones that are vacuum insulated. Make sure to stay away from plastic and go for a BPA free water bottle that will not pose any risk to your health. Nowadays more companies have become eco-friendly and produce a wide array of BPA free water bottle choices. Check the label before you buy it to ensure that your bottle is free of this contaminant. You may not feel the impact a year or even three years from now, but ultimately, BPA contamination can do some serious harm to your health.