The Importance of Using Bamboo Organic Baby Wipes

As a mother of three, I’m pretty familiar with all the do’s and don’ts regarding baby care. When I was younger though, I always thought that parents tend to exaggerate with their obsession with organic products, but I do regret all of those judgmental thoughts now. And as if some strange karma is up to teaching me a lesson – my twins have the most sensitive skin on earth. They can get a rash from literally anything, which was not the case with my older kid.

Since their skin is so sensitive, I tend to use organic and natural products as much as possible. The baby wipes are a huge part of the daily routine, so chemically treated ones are not an option. I only use only natural baby wipes for the needs of my kids – bamboo ones in particular. The wipes I use are fragrance and alcohol-free, super soft and naturally moistened with Aloe vera and vitamin E which soothes the irritated and sensitive skin. I also love the fact that they are biodegradable and compostable which means they are environmentally-friendly.

Since the skin around a baby’s diaper area is regularly exposed to wetness, skin irritations and diaper rashes are very common which is why we have to use baby wipes to clean that skin area. And for babies with very sensitive skin, there’s no doubt that natural baby wipes as they are perfect for cleaning the folds and creases in other areas as well.

In the past, water and washcloth were considered a mom’s best weapon, however, today we know that water cannot remove cream residue and other oily substances from the diaper area, which can lead to a rash or some more serious skin infections. So, instead of using this old method or some chemically treated baby wipes, I strongly recommend the better and more natural way of taking care of a baby’s bottom – with natural bamboo wipes.

In contrast to other types of baby wipes, the ones made of bamboo are much stronger and therefore hard to tear, which is great for poopy diapers (chuckles). Since they are completely natural, they are great for cleaning much more than the diaper area. I use them to clean my kids’ faces, hands, some surfaces and sometimes I even use them for removing my makeup. They come in different sizes, and you can always find the little ones (travel packs) in my diaper bag or purse.