How Important is Cloth Tape for Home Use?

hand tearable white cloth tape

You don’t know how creative you are until you have to use a tape. Certainly, there are many tools for all of the repairs and fixes you have to do around the home, but sometimes you have to fix right away without wasting any time or you want to do the fix without spending too much money which is exactly what tapes are for.

When I say tapes I specifically mean the black and white cloth tape that you can easily tear by hand. Mind you, just because they are delicate in this respect in no way implies they are to be avoided for the heavy-duty applications. Also known as gaffer, they have a flexible design and are made of a combination of vinyl coated cloth and rubber adhesive.

They are strong, waterproof and heat resistant, plus are highly adhesive, exactly what you need for the garden and garage, and that’s what makes bulk buying a great option. Even when you don’t need them anymore, and have to remove them, there’s no worry they leave residue behind so their application makes for easy and clean removal.

black cloth tape

Whether you require the black or white cloth tape to cover up and hold sound and electrical wires in place, sealing joints in the air conditioning systems, or sealing leaks, you can rest assured you’d get a smooth result, because of the ease in smoothing the wrinkles while applying them.

Along with the heavy-duty applications, there are numerous other ways to use the tapes. For instance, one of the uses gaffer tapes are known for is bookbinding. Mind you, they make for indestructible binds, and are essential when it comes to photography tricks too, such as holding filters and lens together even if they aren’t the perfect match.

Moreover, they are ideal for protecting delicate surfaces, such as that of the lens, securing items when you’re travelling and are afraid of bumps on the road. As it happens, these tapes can also be your secret tool for clothing repairs as well.

In case you have to cover up some hole, or secure fabrics (no-sew fusing required!) to make for a better fit, just apply the tapes and that’s it – you can consider yourself a resourceful tailor even if you don’t exactly have the tailoring skills.

As odd as it may be, gaffer tape can help you with gift wrapping too when you don’t have the time to pay stores a visit and look for wrapping material. The more you use these tapes, the more uses you’re going to come up with so prepare to be amazed!