Important Details on Hair and Beard Nets

What is a Hair Net?

Hairnets are hairpieces the purpose of which is to keep the hair in one place. It’s designed for different applications, however, these are mainly used in the food industry. Since hygiene and food protection are the top priorities in this industry, it’s fundamental for employers to help their staff understand the importance of wearing one.

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Education is the Key

Whether you have experienced employees or not, you need to prepare them about everything related to the job. Except for getting to know the area, products and work, they need to be introduced to some of the basic hygiene rules. This includes wearing hairnets and beard restraints. According to the Food Safety Standards and the professionals in the food industry, both beard coverings and hair nets are a crucial piece of face accessory that needs to be worn for preventing food contamination. Except for this, they are worn for keeping all the equipment like utensils, food packaging and dishware clean and sanitized. Keeping things as clean as possible is one of the ways to ensure a successful business. Beard nets, on the other hand, are used to contain facial hair (this goes especially for men). Along with the hairnet, they are a must. If not worn, there could be huge fines or some other unwanted consequences for the overall establishment.

Employers Should Let Employees Help in Making the Choice

Since there are lots of hairnet types regarding size and style, letting the employees have a say is beneficial. At the end of the day, it’s them who will wear these hairnets and beard coverings, so their preferences should be taken into account.

Set the Example

Employers really do need to follow the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’. While they can talk to their employees regarding following the protocols for food and health safety while at work, if employers also wear hair and beard nets while in the kitchen, they can set a good example.

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What are Hair Nets Made Of?

Generally speaking, hairnets are made of fine silk that is edged with bands of finger-weaving or tablet weaving. There are lots of them to choose from, like ones with latex or latex-free elastic, and in various colours. Following the protocols and taking into account all of the options is a good start.

Where to Buy Hair Nets for Food Service?

The ideal and most convenient way to shop for such nets is online. Although shopping for things the traditional way is also possible, it has been proven that buying things online is way easier. The reasons are simple, it allows people to search for different products at the same time while being able to compare them all at once. And since we are talking about hair and beard nets for the food industry, buying many and in bulk will surely reduce the overall price.

Hair Nets for Food Service

Except for those who work in the food industry, wearing hair and beard nets are a must for some other categories of workers.

  • Laboratory Staff – Whether it would be needed to wear hair and beard nets in a laboratory depends on the substances involved in the experiment. Wearing them can prevent human hair from contaminating the samples or simply keep long hair away from the face and equipment. In fact, some companies list beard coverings and hair nets as a part of the personal protective equipment that needs to be worn before the employees enter the lab.
  • Manufacturing Staff for Electronics – During the manufacturing process, electronics can be really sensitive. Even the tiniest specks of dirt can be enough to disrupt computer components, for instance. That is why some of the electronic products need to be produced in a clean-room with clean-room apparel in order to limit micro-particles in the air. And a part of this apparel are hair and beard nets.