Why It’s Important To Pick The Right Wine Glass

Although you most likely think the type of wine glass does not make a big difference in how a wine tastes, it actually does. Wine glasses really do affect the flavours of wines. And we’re not only talking about cheap wines. Even excellent wines can taste awful if served in the wrong glass.

Simply put, wine glasses are indeed designed to ‘seize’ the the aroma of a wine. Plus, drinking wine from a wine glass is a totally different experience than let’s say, drinking wine from a plastic cup. Therefore, picking the right wine glass is extremely important for boosting the taste and aroma of the wine you choose to drink.


To understand why choosing the proper wine glass is so important, let’s first find out what it actually does.

Unlocks Aromas

Drinking wines, regardless of the type, is all about aromas. Wine aromas are released as the alcohol evaporates, which is why glasses for red and white wines feature big bowls. According to wine experts, to unlock and fully enjoy the aroma of a wine, it should be swirled around in a glass. This is why wine glasses usually feature big bowls and are are usually more narrow at the top (this also prevents wine spills). The larger the surface area, the more wine aromas get released, which ultimately improves wine drinking experience.

Allows the Aromas to Collect

Given the fact that the bowl of a wine glass helps unlock wine aromas, it also allows the aromas to collect. And depending on the style and type of the wine, there is large or a smaller bowl. White wines typically are served in wine glasses which feature smaller bowls to maintain the temperature. On the other hand, red wines are always served in larger bowl glasses to unveil the rich aromas.

Thickness of the Rim

Although, when it comes to wines, it is all about personal preferences, in general, when selecting the wine glass, the thinner the rim of the glass, the more enjoyable the wine drinking experience. Therefore, choose the thin-lipped wine glasses.


There is a large array of wine glasses, which can vary in style and quality. From glasses made of delicate and expensive crystal to more affordable styles designed specifically for particular wines varietals, drinking wine from the right glass will certainly enhance the whole experience.

Which wine glass style, design and material you choose depends primarily on your budget, how often you drink wine and personal preferences. Thus, choosing the right wine glass does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money. Try to choose wine glassware that will best fit your wine drinking habits and also your budget.