The Importance of Good Kitchen Flooring: Vinyl Is Back!

Choosing the right flooring option is never easy. When it comes to kitchen floors, there are important things to take into consideration in order to be sure that your floor will perform best. Whether it’s at home, at a restaurant or in the office, the kitchen is one of the places where foot traffic is pretty high, and many things can happen there that can possibly damage the floor. Vinyl flooring is a great option for kitchens because many of the characteristics it has fit perfectly in what you need from your kitchen floor.

In the last years, vinyl floor has taken over the market as one of the best flooring solutions, not only for residencies, but also for schools, hospitals, offices etc. This is because with the technological advancements, not only have they become an ecologically sound option, but they are also quite durable, beautiful and affordable in comparison to other flooring options.

Is Vinyl Flooring Up to The Challenges of Kitchen Floors?

kitchen vinyl flooring

With so many flooring options out there, and considering how much it costs both in money and in time to instal it, it’s really not easy to make a choice. However, there are some that perform better for kitchens than others. If quality, durability, easy maintenance and affordability sounds good to you, then vinyl kitchen flooring is a great kitchen floor solution for you.

Kitchen Floors Need to be Easy to Clean

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Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in a house, and being the place where you store your food and prepare your meals, it’s probably the one that gets dirty fastest. There is a number of characteristics that make vinyl quite suitable for a kitchen floor, and probably the most appealing one is probably the fact that they are really easy to clean.

Considering how often we spill food and liquids in the kitchen, this isn’t something that should be neglected. Vinyl kitchen floors will not only minimise the time you spend cleaning the floor, but cleaning them is also quite painless, and they don’t stain easily. And even more importantly, cleaning vinyl floors doesn’t mean that you’ll have to buy expensive chemicals, since you can use simple solutions with products you probably already have at home, such as apple vintager, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, WD40…

Kitchen Floors Have to be Resistant

resistant kitchen vinyl floor

Another very important thing that makes vinyl suitable for kitchen flooring is that it’s highly durable. Kitchen get constant and high foot traffic, and endure many things. Of course, vinyl flooring isn’t indestructible, but thanks to the quality material it’s made of, it’s durable and hardwearing, able withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s also highly water resistant, which means that it doesn’t stain easily, which is very important for kitchens in general, where many spills happen.

Though there isn’t a flooring option that can stay new forever, vinyl will last very long, even in rooms that give so many challenges to the floor.

Kitchen Floors Have to be Safe

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Kitchens can get crowded, and many things can be happening in a small room at once. Even more so, when it comes to kitchens in a restaurant or in an office. This is another thing that makes vinyl great option for a kitchen floor.

Thanks to the materials used in the production of vinyl tiles, planks or sheets vinyl floors are quite comfortable on the feet. Inside the vinyl there is a padding that not only makes it comfortable and worm on the foot, but it also makes them safer. This is because it will protect people from falls, softening the blows. Furthermore, this also means that vinyl flooring isn’t very slippery. In fact, even though it isn’t completely slip-proof, it is one of the least slippery floor options you can get. And all of this also makes vinyl flooring quite kids friendly.

Kitchen Floors Have to be Aesthetical

Vinyl flooring options have probably become so popular because with the last technological advances they are now offering so many options regarding their look. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether we like cooking or not. We eat there, we drink water there, we make our coffee there. So it’s logical that we want this place in our home to be aesthetically pleasing.

Vinyl features a top layer that contains a photograph, that can perfectly mimic any other floor surface you wish for. So, whether you want floor kitchen tiles, hardwood, stone, marble, concrete, or you want some contemporary design or colour, with vinyl flooring you can get it. And best of all, vinyl is far more affordable than some of these options.

Kitchen Floors Should be Easy to Instal

easy instal kitchen vinyl floor

If you are renovating your kitchen, you want to have it ready as soon as possible. This is another reason to seriously consider vinyl flooring for your kitchen. Vinyl sheets, planks and tiles are fairly easy to instal, as well as to remove. Furthermore, if you are really in a rush, you can even have them installed, without removing the previous flooring. What all of this means is that installing vinyl floor is very time-efficient, since it can be done quite fast. Furthermore, it also means that it you can make it a do-it-yourself project.