Women’s Lingerie Guide: Crank up the Heat in the Bedroom

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Whether you just want to try out new things or want to freshen up your long-term relationship, there are plenty of ways you can go about it. You know how it goes, one thing leads to another and eventually, what started out as a romantic dinner turns into a steaming hot make-out sesh with lots of potential. But it’s up to you and your partner to build on that.

With that said, lots of people turn to sex toys or role-playing scenarios when they want to kick things up a notch. While that’s definitely one way to bring back the spark, you’re skipping one very important step – upgrading your lingerie game to make things even more exciting. It might seem like an easy task, and it actually is, once you get the hang of it. To help you out, we’ll be listing some of the bare necessities to get you started.

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What Are the Different Types of Lingerie Bottoms?

When you’re trying to draw attention and make a statement, you need to be very careful about the pieces that you choose. We’ll be starting off from the bottom and building our way to the top, as all things should be. Speaking of bottoms, there are plenty of designs you’ll come across when shopping for an underwear sexy look that can be a little hard to choose. Luckily, we’ll be listing the most common types along with all their perks to help you reach a decision.

Classic Briefs

This is the most basic pair of underwear ever to exist. It’s far from those old-fashioned granny panties and yet nothing too uncomfortable or revealing. Needless to say, it strikes the perfect balance between the two.

Seeing as they’re quite common, most women decide to wear them as their everyday look while opting for something else to crank up the heat in the bedroom. But if you’re really keen on classic briefs, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing them when you’re getting saucy. In fact, there are lots of interesting patterns and designs that will surely do the trick.

French-Cut Panties

This kind of underwear is rightfully known as high-cut because, well, there’s a high cut on each leg hole. This means that they reveal more of the thigh area while covering a part of the waist. It’s nothing too scandalous or provocative but it’s enough to bring up the tension.

Moreover, French-cut has more than just your regular seams. In fact, most of them have intricately-detailed lacy seams that are bound to catch your partner’s eye.


Next up on the sexy lingerie scale, we have a pair of sultry thongs. If there was ever an embodiment of the phrase ‘business in the front, party in the back’, this is it. Essentially, what you’re getting is a larger patch of fabric that covers just enough of your frontal area only expose almost the entirety of your buttocks.

Due to the specific design, you need to be incredibly careful about the fit. It shouldn’t be irritating or uncomfortable in any way because then you might be dealing with some serious long-term consequences.


This is quite often confused with a regular thong due to the similarities in their design. But you should know that G-strings are the raciest piece of lingerie you can ever wear. So if you’re the type of person that likes to leave little to the imagination, then this is the perfect match for you.

If we dive into the specifics, G-strings have a small triangular patch at the front which is oftentimes see-through, and that’s about it. Everything else is just elastic bands or straps. Evidently, you’ll be showing quite a bit of skin with this underwear sexy appearance but that might just be the kind of raunchiness you’re looking for.

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What Are the Different Types of Lingerie Tops?

Once you’ve figured out which kinds of underwear suit your taste the most, you’ll have to pair them with a suitable top.


This is the classic and go-to piece of lingerie for most women. It’s as functional as it is sultry so it’s the perfect combination. The whole idea behind bras is to get all the necessary support and comfort while pushing your breasts up to create a voluptuous look.

But here’s the tricky part – finding the right size. There’s a fine line between the right fit and completely missing the mark. Fortunately, however, many stores offer free measuring services so our advice is to consult with professionals before you break your bank on any kind of lingerie.


This is usually a one-piece garment with reinforced boning for support and adjustable laces to customise your fit. They’re a bit cinched at the waist to highlight your waist and breasts which will imminently give you that sought-after hourglass shape.

Bear in mind that corsets aren’t as uncomfortable as you might think. They’ve come a long way since their chunky and heavy designs back in the day so you shouldn’t feel like you’re being suffocated once you put them on.


For those of you that are looking for something on the looser end of the spectrum which will still emphasise all of your curves, you should give camisoles a shot. They’re not skin-tight in the way that corsets are but they still look stunning on all body types.