Streetwear Hype: 3 Important Accessories to Elevate Your Style

The popular streetwear style we all adore has been on the fashion scene since the 1990s. This casual way of clothing grew up from the New York hip hop fashion, and successfully combines elements of sportswear, punk, and skateboarding style until today.

Talking about 21st century’s streetwear clothing, we’ve seen a variety of trends ruling the fashion scene at different times – from the plaid red shirts tied around your waist or worn on top of a white tee, to the chunky Fila sneakers that won every street styler’s heart.

But regardless of what you wear, we all know that it’s all about the details and your street outfit of the day won’t be complete without a couple of urban accessories. This is why we made a list of the three ultimate accessories that have the power to elevate your streetwear style and make you feel like you came straight from an urban magazine.

59 Fifty Caps

man wearing 59fitted cap

If you thought that a cap’s entire purpose is to protect you from the sun or excessive wind and coldness, know that you’re very wrong. Caps became the ultimate stylish accessory of every dressing style, and urban outfits are no exception at all.

Talking about using these fashionable items to elevate your streetwear outfits of the day, don’t hesitate to explore the wide range of 59 Fifty iconic caps on the market. These caps are screaming “urban fashion”, as they’re a stylish combo of sportswear and the legendary streetwear style.

These iconic fitted caps were designed in the 1950s by the New Era Cap Company in New York, but they weren’t available on the market until the late 1970s. However, their popularity skyrocketed and made a huge hype among the youngsters of these times once they were released. The most popular rappers of the 20th century adored them too, and they even wore them without removing the metallic sticker from the peak of the cap.

The best thing about the urban 59 Fifty hats is that they’re designed with unique features to be different from your typical baseball cap – they’re structured and feature flat visors you can wear either straight across or curve it- all up to your style preferences. On top of that, you can find these caps in a variety of colours and designs, from the basic black to the vibrant reds or blues with logo embroideries.

So, feel free to incorporate your cap of the brand in your urban style however you want. These models are casual enough so you can wear them with every outfit you combine. For instance, throw your cap on with your favourite tee with logo, cuff your jeans and wear this stylish combo with your favourite pair of sneakers when you want a sleek, yet casual look for the warmer days.

On the other hand, a stylish 5950 cap will also suit your oversized hoodies and casual jackets when it’s cold outside. The range of stylish opportunities with these iconic caps is huge, as long as you’re open to experimenting with your urban style.

Aviator Sunglasses

Women wearing aviator sunglasses

If you’re wondering what’s the ultimate accessory that goes well with every urban outfit you wear, that’s undoubtedly a pair of sunglasses. On top of that, sunglasses are much more than just protection for your facial skin and eyes from the dangerous UV rays, as they can be the perfect companion to all the fitted caps and street-style clothing pieces in your wardrobe.

However, when we’re talking about urban glasses to elevate your streetwear style, feel free to choose a pair of aviators. These sunglasses are among the most popular urban accessories for men and women, meaning you won’t go wrong wearing a pair. On top of that, aviators have a strong and sleek look themselves, enough to make a statement, so you can get away with the simplest outfit.

For instance, wear them with a casual single-coloured tee or hoodie with a pair of simple jeans, and the ideal 59 Fifty caps and let your aviator glasses speak for themselves. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for combining something unique, you can still add your aviator glasses as the perfect detail to your outfit.

Throw on a stylish pilot jacket with a simple top underneath, a pair of ripped jeans and white chunky sneakers, and you’re ready to go. If you feel like there’s some spice missing, you can enrich your outfit with a stylish bandana, a statement-making chain necklace or a bracelet.

A Lot of Fancy Socks

People wearing fancy socks

You may have topped up your closet with a bunch of unique 59 Fifty fitted caps and bought yourself a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses. However, know that your urban look won’t feel complete without a pair of fancy statement-making socks.

Wondering what makes socks the ultimate accessory to top up your street-style outfits? Well, they’re comfy, perfect to give your outfit a pop of colour and add a dose of casualness without making huge efforts.

For instance, feel free to pick a pair of socks in contrasting colours with your outfit – such as the basic white sock to denim jeans and vibrant tees or a pair of vibrant red sock designs to an outfit in neutral colours. This way, you’ll make a stylish colour block and give your outfit a unique detail that stands out from the crowd.

On the other hand, socks are perfect to transform every outfit into something that is more casual and urban. For instance, wear colourful or basic socks with a pair of chunky sneakers and your favourite oversized tee or hoodie, and you’ll see how your basic combo instantly transforms into the ultimate attention-stealer of your city’s streets.

The range of stylish combos with socks is also huge, and the only thing you have to do is to provide yourself with a lot of fancy sets to combine with each of your clothing pieces. Now that you have a couple of ideas, don’t wait to hit the market and explore the wide range of urban accessories to take your street style to the next level.