Important Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Inspired Kids Room

During the first year of life, children usually sleep next to their parents or in a crib in the same bedroom (for easier feeding during the night), but once they get older, they will need a room of their own. That being said, except for the well-known essential – the bed, there are three more things that you have to get in order to create a clutter-free, cozy and functional kids room that’s in line with the rules of Scandinavian design.

Wood Dresser

When playing, children use a lot of floor space, so it is a good idea to think of a practical solution for their clothes and toys. Except for the wardrobe, every kid’s room needs a nice, simple and kid-friendly dresser that the kids can use on their own. There are different types of Scandinavian design kids dressers but what you need to opt for is a wooden one (natural, eco-friendly and sturdy material) with lots of drawers and no sharp edges.

The simplicity of Scandinavian design furniture pieces allow for a mix and match with the modern and contemporary furniture designs. So this means that a clean-lined dresser in a neutral colour can be used almost in any other room of the home. These dressers come in a lot of different shapes, finishes, colours and with different drawers order, so finding the one for you and your kid’s would be a piece of cake. The key is to shop from a reputable and reliable supplier, one that can guarantee the furniture’s quality and durability.

Tip: Make sure the dresser has simpler footings and hooks, without sharp edges as kids are unpredictable. They can easily fall and get hurt from literally anything, so choosing functional but kid-friendly furniture pieces is important.

Bean Bag

Children can sit still, lay and relax in hundreds of positions (chuckles), so having a bean bag can make quite of a difference in the kid’s room. Bean bags are literally considered an all-purpose type of chair that can be placed in any part of the room. What’s most important to take into account is the type of material you choose. A heavy-duty and thick cotton fabric is the ideal type of material for a kids bean bag, just make sure to choose one that is removable for easier cleaning. When cleaning, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

Tip: Choose a bean bag with a side fabric or leather handle for easier handling.

A Table and a Chair

Having a place where your little one can draw, paint, play with play-dough or do homework is important. A nice, small, sturdy and functional wooden table with one or two chairs is the perfect addition to any Scandinavian design kids room. The shape of the table and chair/s is all up to you as well as the colour, just make sure that you choose a table set made of a quality type of wood and paint that won’t release any toxins.